BREAKING NEWS: Williamsport City Council to Discuss Extension of Business and Real Estate Tax Payment & Filing Deadlines

Williamsport, PA – The City Council of Williamsport will discuss at their regular meeting on April 2nd, 2020 the
extension of deadlines to pay real estate taxes and filings and payments of mercantile and business privilege taxes.
The proposal from Nicholas Grimes, City Treasurer is to extend the deadline to pay City real estate taxes at the
discounted rate from April 30th, 2020 to June 30th, 2020 and an extension to pay at the face rate from June 30th,
2020 to August 31st, 2020. The proposal also seeks to extend the deadline to file and pay 2020 business privilege
and mercantile taxes from April 15th, 2020 to July 15th, 2020.

These extensions are intended to help City residents and businesses affected by this crisis by allowing additional
time to pay municipal real estate taxes and allowing additional time to file and pay City of Williamsport business
privilege and mercantile taxes.

The Lycoming County Municipal and School Earned Income Tax Office also announced that the deadline to file
and pay local earned income taxes has been extended from April 15th, 2020 to July 15th, 2020. This new deadline
is in-line with the new state and federal income tax deadlines.

These extensions would not apply to County, School, or other municipalities taxes unless their governing bodies
would approve similar extensions.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Williamsport Office of the Treasurer by email at or by phone at (570) 327-7521.

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