EXCLUSIVE: Congressman Elect Fred Keller Coverage set for Monday

Photo Courtesy: Point and Click Media

NEWS TALK 104.1 and 1600 WEJS is set to bring exclusive coverage of the swearing in ceremony of Congressman Elect Fred Keller, beginning Monday at 6:30 p.m. live from Capitol Hill.

Todd Bartley, General Manager of NEWS TALK 104.1 and 1600 WEJS will broadcast live from the House of Representatives just prior to the induction ceremony.

Following the ceremony, Congressman Fred Keller will then join NEWS TALK 104.1 and 1600 WEJS for his first interview after officially becoming a member of Congress.

“To be the only local media member on-site for this historic event having visited the capitol several times in my life; along with building a special relationship with Congressman Elect Fred Keller is quite humbling;”, said Todd Bartley, General Manager, NEWS TALK 104.1 and 1600 WEJS.

Other exclusive interviews have also been scheduled with guests earlier in the day that will be broadcast as part of the coverage.

The coverage air time may change depending upon the congressional schedule.

Stay tuned to the social media platforms of NEWS TALK 104.1 and 1600 WEJS for real time updates.

Congressman Elect Fred Keller will be filling the seat currently open due to the resignation of former Congressman Tom Marino.

A live audio stream will be available by clicking this listen live link.