Wegman’s Sack for a Sack

wnzl4066-websize(photo courtesy: Wenzel Studio – taken in 2010)
former Hughesville Spartan and former Lycoming College Football player Kyle Murren, Lycoming College Head Football Coach Mike Clark, Wegman’s General Manager Mike Ruby,
Talk Williamsport1050/104.1 General Manager Todd Bartley, former Montoursville Warrior and current Lycoming College Football player Pat McNamara.)


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This football season will mark the third consecutive year that Wegman’s is sponsoring the Sack-for-Sack program on Talk WilliamsportRadio Williamsport.  Over the past three football seasons, Talk Williamsport1050/104.1 and Wegman’s have partnered on a project that benefits the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and the ongoing fight against hunger in our area.

The promotion is called “Sack for a Sack”, everytime Talk Williamsport1050/104.1 broadcasts a local high school or Lycoming College Football game and a sack is recorded; that raises $10 for a “Sack” of groceries from Wegman’s.

During the broadcasts in the 2009 season 77 sacks were recorded; Wegman’s donated the first $500 and Talk Williamsport1050/104.1 was proud to also contribute $270 to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and this worthy cause. At the conclusion of the 2011 season the total monies raised over three football seasons will be more than $1,800 in the fight against hunger in Lycoming County and our region.

Talk Williamsport1050/104.1 would like to thank Wegman’s and General Manager Mike Ruby for there participation in this promotion as well as all of the teams that are covered and the dominating defense that they play all season long.


Central Pennsylvania Food Bank contributions:

2009 Football Season – $770

2010 Football Season – $500

2011 Football Season – $500 (minimum)

Through Week 11 (November 12) – Lycoming has recorded 25 sacks which equals $250 raised plus the sacks tallied in the Talk Williamsport1050/104.1 Game of the Week broadcasts.

Hughesville has added 5 sacks through October 15 which equals $50 raised in the Talk Williamsport1050/104.1 Game of the Week broadcasts.