EXCLUSIVE: Gov. Wolf plans to veto HB 2787, Schools scramble to accommodate fans

Governor Tom Wolf speaks during a press conference addressing the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Pennsylvania, inside PEMA headquarters on Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

According to Press Secretary for Governor Wolf, Lyndsay Kensinger, ” The governor plans to veto the bill. The bill is unnecessary given that school districts already have local control on decisions on school sports. Further the virus is not stopping and spreads more easily when people are in close proximity with one another. This bill would allow for the potential gathering of thousands in close proximity, a widely-reported, well-known public health risk.
We should focus on preventing the spread and creating a safe environment for children students back to learning and, if possible, in the classroom. Minimizing exposure to COVID-19 is paramount.
Instead of passing unnecessary legislation like this, the Republican legislative majority should do things to help people impacted by the pandemic like funding for small businesses, child care funding, and paid sick leave for employees.
The governor outlined a comprehensive plan to provide relief for workers and families, support for businesses, and reform for government. The legislature should stop wasting time and pass the governor’s plan to help Pennsylvanians.”
Earlier on Wednesday the Pennsylvania Senate passed House Bill 2787 with a vote of 39-11.
From a Wednesday afternoon Facebook post of Senator Michele Brooks:
“Finally! For the many devoted sports fans and loving family members among us: The Senate has just passed House Bill 2787 by a vote of 39-11 —-with my full support. This bill gives school districts the authority to safely allow spectators into sporting events.
No one has a greater stake in the safety of our kids than their families and the local community. This is welcome news to the many parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends who never miss a game—and I heard from so many of you (and I thank you for that.)
I find it incredibly contradictory that the governor secretly allowed thousands of people to congregate at the Carlisle Car Show, but his guidance has failed to provide proud moms and dads with the opportunity to cheer on their kids on the field and court. Those are moments you can never get back.
IF THE GOVERNOR VETOES THIS BILL, we have enough votes in the House and Senate for a veto override if no one changes their vote.”
Brooks serves PA Senate District 50 including Crawford, Erie (part), Mercer and Warren (part) Counties.
According to sources with knowledge of the legislative process in this matter have informed News Talk WMPT of the following; if Governor Wolf vetoes the measure the PA House will have the opportunity to again bring HB 2787 to the floor for a vote.
If approved by the previous margins it would have a veto proof majority in the PA House.
The bill would then head to the PA Senate for a vote of concurrence and if the 39-11 margin again stands, it too would be veto proof and the measure would become law.
As a result of the confusion caused by Governor Wolf announcing his intentions to veto the bill, many local school districts are left scrambling to accommodate players, cheerleaders, band members, coaches, parents and fans with 48 hours left until game time.