Fans often ask me, what if?


By: Todd Bartley,

Fans often ask me, what if?

What if an innocent trip to Myrtle Beach to play high school baseball games turned into a nightmare for one student athlete?

What if that nightmare was lived out by so many others in the hotel room that night?

What if just by being there, in the room would cause so much trouble?

What if an attack of a sexual nature against another teammate was recorded on video?

What if the video was shared on social media?

What if coaches, administrators and adults on the trip found out?

What if the perpetrator was already known to be a bully?

What if the victim was just a kid trying to find his way on the team and in school?

What if once the incident occurred did anyone that was in the hotel room say anything, to anyone?

What if the culture on the team and at that school, was not see something – say something, instead keep it in-house?

What if the culture, was that it’s just boys being boys?

What if once the video was shared on social media the response was to make sure if it was on your phone it needed to be deleted?

What if once home in Pennsylvania the alleged attacker and family hired a local attorney?

What if that local attorney sent letters to multiple player families imploring them to remain silent in regard to the incident, and threatened them with legal action if they did not comply with the letter?

What if that is tantamount to intimidating witnesses?

What if that is hindering a criminal prosecution?

What if the first call to Child Line was made long after the team returned from Myrtle Beach?

What if a mandatory reporter failed to report?

What if once the Child Line call was assigned to local law enforcement; the lead investigators had such blatant conflicts of interest in the case they should have recused themselves and referred it out to another agency?

What if, since the assault happened in Myrtle Beach was the case not immediately refereed to South Carolina authorities?

What if by doing that, the locals would lose all control of the outcome of the case?

What if the school district solicitor was the last person to be informed of the incident after it had been “handled”?

What if, the levels of those involved rose to the very top of leadership in this community?

What if, the actual truth of the dreadful events of that night actually came to light?

What if, those students involved in an ongoing criminal investigation were interviewed without a parent or an attorney present?

What if students involved were given promises by administrators in front of members of the current District Attorney’s office?

What if, since the dreadful event, the team mindset became stick together and it will go away?

What if “team building” parties were held where alcohol was furnished to minors?

What if the adults at the party were drinking alcohol shots with minors?

What if there were multiple videos of this?

What if those videos were shared on multiple social media platforms?

What if another incident of attacking a teammate happened last summer during travel ball season?

What if that incident was reported to authorities?

What if that incident led to the attacker being kicked out of that league this year?

What if the level of tension from the events of last year on the high school team had spilled into this season?

What if there was an altercation between teammates in the dugout at a road game as recently as a few weeks ago that was so disturbing the umpires had to stop the game to break it up?

What if that whole trip was nothing but an excuse to get out of town and get drunk?

What if that whole trip had nothing to do with playing school sponsored baseball games?

What if that whole trip was just an excuse for parents to have coaches babysit their kids while they went to the bar?

What if the photos at multiple bars posted on social media prove that?

What if the actions of a few last year, cost the many that raised money to take a similar trip this year for softball?

What if the attacker continues to act out against students and adults?

What if the attacker feels enabled by those around them as if nothing ever happened?

What if money was a factor?

What if the PA Attorney General and PA Department of Education looked into this case?

What if when the victim attempted to transfer the family was stonewalled?

What if a third party offered the family of the victim legal assistance while acting on behalf of the side of the attacker?

What if the connection between the third party and the side of the attacker is established on social media posts?

What if the school district valued one student more that another?

What if the family of the victim was preparing a lawsuit that would outline so many of these questions in the initial complaint?

What if these are all questions that will go answered?

What if by bringing this to light, will acts of intimidation or violence be headed my way from those involved?

What if there was a game to play today?

What if only time and Myrtle Beach authorities will tell in this case?