Illegal Substance incident in Myrtle Beach with Millionaire Baseball player

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Talk Williamsport
Another incident of improper behavior has come to light from the Williamsport Millionaires baseball team trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina earlier this year.
Multiple sources have confirmed to Talk Williamsport that a member of the Williamsport Millionaires baseball team sought out individuals in Myrtle Beach for the purpose of obtaining an illegal substance.
That transaction then led to the substance being brought back to a team hotel room also being occupied by other members of the Williamsport Millionaires baseball team.
Upon those student athletes returning to their room, they discovered the illegal substance in plain sight and then immediately contacted their parents who then came to the room.
Upon the parents observing the illegal substance it was immediately destroyed.
At that point the school leadership on the trip was made aware of what had transpired.
The student athlete who originally possessed the illegal substance was confronted with the allegations and offered a full confession of what had transpired. 
At that point he was removed from the Williamsport Millionaires baseball team. At least one parent of the student athlete was also present when the confession and punishment were handed down in Myrtle Beach.
The Williamsport Area School District solicitor was contacted for this story, and offered the following in response to the  statement and question below.
It has come to my attention that another student athlete was removed from the baseball team while on the Myrtle Beach trip for acquiring and possessing an illegal substance.
Can you confirm the validity of this?
“Hello, Todd.
The District has no comment.” Fred A. Holland
As a follow-up I asked the following question and received the response listed below,
So the WASD is not denying the validity of the report?
“The District has no comment.” Fred A. Holland
As of this writing Myrtle Beach law enforcement authorities have no record of this incident they can provide Talk Williamsport.
Based on the first story related to this trip and now this story, the oversight of children was severely lacking on the trip in Myrtle Beach.
A full investigation into these matters by an agency outside of Lycoming County must be engaged immediately by the WASD School Board.
Keep in mind this is the same school board according to the local newspaper that had to remove a non-district resident from their school board this week.
These situations also beg the question; why are school administrators conducting investigations and handing out school punishments in what many law enforcement officials would consider rather straight forward criminal acts?
Isn’t the rule if drugs are found in a student’s locker it would be reported to the police?
Why was this handled differently?
Is there a double standard for athletes and sports teams in the WASD?
Ironically enough, a random drug test form was sent home with WAHS students this week and if the form is not signed off on by both student and parent; the student cannot participate in the activity.
Additionally, Talk Williamsport has also confirmed there are strong indications that conflicts of interest may exist in the investigations; which is another reason it must be referred to an outside agency immediately.
Ponder this, why would any administrator involved in these matters ever fear an outside investigation if it was handled properly?
Instead, would it stand to reason those administrators would welcome it to show things were indeed handled properly and the steps that were taken?
If these serious issues are not addressed and an external investigation is not initiated immediately by the WASD School Board President, it may be time for that person to resign as well and new leadership be installed.
Only time will tell, the hour is getting late and the taxpayers in the WASD want answers; they certainly pay enough for them.