Jamie Joy no longer employed by Little League International

Todd Bartley, TalkWilliamsport.com


TalkWilliamsport.com has confirmed Jamie Joy is no longer employed by Little League International.

According to a confirmation provided last Friday by Kevin Fountain, Little League International Director of Media Relations,

“Jamie Joy is no longer employed by Little League. Thank you”

When asked when Joy left Little League International, Fountain replied with,

“We will only confirm his employment status with Little League. Thank you.”

Jamie Joy served as the Manager of Operations Little League International and was a huge part of the Little League University program.

Joy was on the 2018 WAHS baseball team trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where a WAHS baseball player ALLEGED PERPETRATOR #1 who was recently criminally charged in South Carolina; committed “criminal sexual misconduct” against a teammate.

Joy is also the husband of Rachel Lepley Joy, office manager for the law firm Lepley, Engleman and Yaw where her father George Lepley is an attorney.

It is well documented George Lepley represents ALLEGED PERPETRATOR #1.

George Lepley stayed at the Atlantica Resort which served as the team hotel in Myrtle Beach, in March 2018.

His grandson played on the 2018 WAHS baseball team.

Photo: from 2018 WAHS baseball team banquet help at Little League Complex, South Williamsport, PA

George Lepley (center), Jamie Joy (striped shirt – right side),

Nick Caringi, 2018 WAHS assistant coach and Little League employee (background).


TalkWilliamsport.com was not invited to the media zoom call with Little League CEO Steve Keener this past week.

According to WNEP-TV, a Mid-may target was announced for determining if the 2021 World Series would be played in Williamsport.

The conversations Little League CEO Steve Keener was having with Lycoming County Commissioner Scott Metzger leading up to the trip to the White House last year and other emails, texts and calls are being formally requested of Metzger this week in a Right to Know Law request.

Commissioner Metzger will have 5 days based on the Right to Know Law to offer a truthful and transparent response.

This past Tuesday, after approving a Proclamation in honor of “Sunshine Week”; Metzger offered the following comment to the Sun-Gazette,

“We want the people to have the truth, not propaganda”

He said he’s a public servant who answers to the people. 

The Sunshine law is vital. We will continue to honor it, he said.”


From “A Baseball Story In The Birthplace Of Little League Baseball”PART XXI

The eerie silence coming from Little League International headquarters and its leadership, namely President and CEO Steve Keener regarding the 2018 Williamsport Millionaire Baseball team trip to Myrtle Beach and the “criminal sexual misconduct” currently under investigation by PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro is inexplicable.

(Images: PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro, top left,
Little League President & CEO Steve Keener, top right,
Lycoming County Detective and Little League World Series Team Host Willie Weber, bottom left,
Little League Logo, bottom right)

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Keener when asked to have a conversation for this story in the past 24 hours provided the following through Brian McClintock, Little League Baseball & Softball, Senior Director of Communications;

“As previously stated, we have no comment.”


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