Lycoming County Republican Committee rebukes Sen. Toomey in letter

This morning Vince Matteo, Chairman of the Lycoming County Republican Committee made public a letter he sent to Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey. has obtained the letter and it is available by clicking Toomey Letter.

Toomey previously announced he is not seeking Senate re-election or interest in running for Governor.

Matteo shared the following on social media moments ago.

“At our meeting of January 14th, the members of the Lycoming County Republican Committee present voted unanimously to send a letter to Senator Pat Toomey expressing our strong disappointment and concern that he would call on President Trump to resign without any due process. I sent the following letter to the Senator on January 18th and emailed it on January 19th. I am making the letter public now because enough time has past and he should have seen it by now and while I have not heard from the Senator, I did hear from a staff member that the email was received (It was not an automatically generated reply). If I do hear from the Senator I will publish it here as well.”  (The letter was sent on LCRC letterhead)

The full transcript of the letter is listed below.


January 19, 2021

Patrick Toomey

United States Senator

248 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510


Dear Senator Toomey:

I am writing on behalf of the members of the Lycoming County Republican Committee. At our meeting of January 14, 2021 the members present voted unanimously to express to you our sincere disappointment and concern in your call for President Donald Trump to resign following the horrible action taken by rioters at the Capitol Building. We firmly believe your actions were not in the best interests of Pennsylvania or the United States. It was also not in the best interests of bringing our nation together.

We were further dismayed that you would run to CNN;  the network that spent four years continually undermining the President and pushing the false Russian collusion narrative. This betrayal by you is unexplainable and inexcusable and, quite frankly, had an air of “revenge” unbecoming your office. While it is clear you never fully supported President Trump, we expect more from our Senator.

Finally, you now claim if an  Impeachment trial is held you will review the evidence to determine how you will vote. It is hard to believe that you could judge fairly since you already played judge and jury when you called on President Trump to resign. Your obvious bias against the President may have disqualified you in the Impeachment trial.

Senator, you owe President Trump and the people of Pennsylvania an apology.



Vincent J. Matteo


Lycoming County Republican Committee

cc: Lycoming County Republican Committee