OAG search warrants and report excoriates Weber, Pardoe, Miller and WASD – Exhibit A

Josh Shapiro, PA Attorney General (top left), Brandon Pardoe, WAHS Principal (top middle),
Ryan Gardner, Lycoming County District Attorney (top right).
Willie Weber, former Lycoming County Chief Detective (middle left),
WAHS Teacher & Miller girlfriend Alicia Carnevale and
former WAHS Baseball Coach Ryan Miller (middle right)
Fred Holland, WASD Solicitor (bottom left),
Sean McCann, WAHS Athletic Director (bottom middle)
and George Lepley, criminal defense attorney (bottom right)
The following is the result of a nearly 40-months long investigation
into the Williamsport Area High School Baseball Team trip
to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the spring of 2018.

This story is graphic and contains details related to multiple indecent sexual assaults.

The author and editor of this story have made the editorial decision to not publish the names of the individuals under the age of 18 at the time of the incident who have been clearly identified as committing these acts in this case they were recently formally charged with a crime in South Carolina.

A Baseball Story In The Birthplace Of Little League Baseball



PART XXXVI – “OAG search warrants and report excoriates Weber, Pardoe, Miller and WASD for their roles in the

2018 Williamsport Area High School Baseball Team trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina investigation.”


By Todd Bartley, TalkWilliamsport.com


TalkWilliamsport.com exclusively obtained the Office of Attorney General search warrants that became unsealed when Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro failed to charge those involved in the cover-up of the criminal behaviors engaged in by students on the 2018 Williamsport Area High School Baseball Team trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Shapiro has his sights set on the Governor’s mansion in the next election cycle, he is also a father.

From the Affidavit of Probable Cause seeking a search warrant for the “Files/Records Pertaining to the 2018 WAHS Baseball team Myrtle Beach Trip” (including cell phone records) of WAHS head principal Dr. Brandon Pardoe filed on September 24, 2020 by (NAME REDACTED BY AUTHOR) OAG Special Agent and signed by Lycoming County President Judge Nancy Butts.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Juvenile male victim #1 – is black, juvenile male suspect #1 – is white.

Between 3/23/18 and 3/30/2018, the Williamsport Area High School baseball team attended a tournament in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. At some point during that week, a video was shot from inside one of the hotel rooms for the players.

The affiant watched this video and observed that

the juvenile male victim #1 was asleep on a couch when

the juvenile male suspect #1, a teammate, appeared

to have put his penis in the face of the sleeping victim.


On 5/18/2018 a Lycoming County Children and Youth Services employee (NAME REDACTED BY AUTHOR), saw this video. He reported this to Matt Wood of CYS. Both (REDACTED) and are mandated reporters.

Wood did a Child Line report and he notified William Weber, then Chief County Detective for Lycoming County who worked out of the Lycoming County District Attorney’s Office.

Weber notified the high school Principal Brandon Pardoe.

(NAME REDACTED BY AUTHOR) provided the video to CYS:

this video was in the file at the DA’s office.


Also observed in the DA’s file were notes. These notes were dated 5/30/18. These notes were about a meeting with the juvenile male victim #1 and his mother. These notes also indicated that the victim was shown the video, and it was written:

“(juvenile male suspect #1) admitted he did it”.


Also, in this file next was a phone message on 9/4/18 for Weber to call a woman. Part of the message read:

“Kids were asked and instructed in Myrtle Beach

to delete any videos they may have taken.”


The next document in the DA’s file was a print out email dated 9/28/2018. It was from Detective Tiffany Whitmire of the Myrtle Beach Police to Williams Weber.

She asked Weber to contact her concerning an investigation he assisted with about an assault in Myrtle Beach involving  the Williamsport High School baseball team. She wrote: “We need the information reference this investigation.”

She asked for reports, interviews, data, etc.





PART XXXVII – “Weber and Pardoe never called the Myrtle Beach Police Department” – is forthcoming.

This is a developing story on TalkWilliamsport.com.