OP-ED: Jennifer Lake Wokebegone – PART IV

The following is an opinion editorial authored by Todd Bartley, Fox Sports Williamsport, todd@foxsportswilliamsport.com.

Given the responsibility as an elected official why do you remain silent, after failing to respond to constituents after calling them all systemically racist?

In front of me at a WASD school board meeting, you, Jennifer Lake turned a blind eye and deaf ear to a motion for a second to investigate what Lycoming County District Attorney Ryan Gardner subsequently characterized as “criminal sexual misconduct”.

The predictable response of elite, woke, white woman Jennifer Lake to this series of opinion editorials mirrors that of the school district she leads as a board member.

Maybe she hates the fact her entire narrative of being an elite, woke, white woman “hear me roar” has been leveled; by her own words.

Instead of defending her allegations, she allowed her social media acolyte trolls to emerge from under the bridge and from their mother’s basements to speak for her as she sits silent, again.

She pivoted to being a victim when she called multiple attorneys in town attempting to pursue a defamation claim against me; including her call to attorney Allen Page III from the firm McNerney, Page, Vanderlin and Hall.

Glad you are paying attention in class Jennifer, that firm is representing former WAHS Baseball Coach Ryan Miller in a defamation claim over the FSW series “A Baseball Story in the birthplace of Little League Baseball” against me and other defendants.

Again, glad your paying attention.

Why are you still silent?

Because you have to stick to your weak woke; like mindlessly voting yes to whatever the WASD administration and employees tell you.


Jennifer Lake and her followers have referred to these stories as “hate”.

Is the woke act a smoke screen to the fact you failed to identify what Lycoming County District Attorney Ryan Gardner characterized as “criminal sexual misconduct?”

You and your fellow Marxists were asked 20 questions in January about your response to the Myrtle Beach incident which took you and your fellow WASD board members 22 months to acknowledge in a statement.

In February of this year, the entire WASD school board and most of the administration was asked to resign by Carlos Saldivia because you and your fellow board members failed to answer any of the 20 questions.

Silence is your operational status quo to divest yourselves from any accountability.


Jennifer Lake is now speaking to constituents because she is offended by symbols supportive of police.

Police, those who protect and serve.

Police, those who when they leave their family to go to work may not come home because they choose to selflessly protect and serve.

Police, those who are there to have bricks, bottles, rocks and any number of projectiles hurled at them and insults just because they wear the uniform to protect you while you protest.

Police, those that protect elected leaders President (Secret Service), Governor (State Police) and so on for any number of elected officials.

Police, who as recently as this past Saturday stood between a group of BLM antagonists looking for a confrontation with the National Socialist Movement (NSM) demonstrators at Brandon Park as they prepared to leave having concluded a peaceful march and protest.

As profane and racially charged as the NSM demonstration was; they were exercising the same First Amendment rights and privileges granted to you and your fellow Marxists BLM and other protest groups.

So when you and your fellow woke, elite take out your BLM card and play it on the wife of a local police officer, it is despicable!

You and the Marxists BLM folks could not allow Amy Bolt to keep a small blue flag representing Blue Lives Matter up and got her to apologize for even daring to fly it in the first place.

Shame on you!

Update: The flag is coming down.

It’s so important that we’re willing to discuss and learn from each other! What that flag means to me communicates something hurtful to others and that, I cannot stand for. DON’T WORRY! I’ve got big ideas for something better to go in it’s place!! Stay tuned!

In the ultimate ironic twist in this story, when Jennifer and her social media acolytes (Victor Lang, Dexter Fowler, Mandy Williams – all fake profiles) saw a political Facebook post, instead of reaching out to the author, they called…wait for it.

The Police!

The very same Police department where Agent Bolt works.

You and your woke, elite army had an officer pay a home visit to Carlos Saldivia who asked for the entire WASD School Board and Administration to resign as previously noted.

Saldivia, was born in Venezuela and is of Latino decent.

Jennifer, so for you – Black Lives Matter, but do Latino lives matter?

Jennifer, so we all understand you clearly, is that the same Williamsport Bureau of Police you and your Marxists Black Lives Matter colleagues want to defund?


Amy Bolt, July 1

💜Show Jennifer Lake some love! She just put in an order for 210 more (Racism Has No Home Here) signs! We’re gonna show everyone who lives in or visits Williamsport that we are united in our hatred of racism! P.S. please don’t ask her for a sign if you haven’t already ordered through her. She deserves a break! Great job, Jenn!💜


Dwell Orphan Care information including the need for the organization to file an IRS form 990 has been obtained by FSW from the Guidestar and Bridge databases publicly available online.

Jennifer as a registered Democrat is quite clever; she uses her registered Republican husband as her shield in the fight against racism.

Remember, by definition Republicans are racists, ask the Democrats they tell them every chance they get.

So Matt Lake interviewed Mayor Derek Slaughter on June 15, 2020 on the topic of racism; neither wore a mask.

For context, Mayor Slaughter refused a debate invitation as candidate Slaughter last October from this author, after giving his word three times he would participate.

Rhetorically speaking, if you are a WASD high school teacher and students in your classes that were in Myrtle Beach on the baseball team trip talk about what happened or discuss a video; do you have an obligation as a mandated reporter?

Another elite woke white woman Beth Fausnaught Sweeting the wife of former WASD school board member Spencer Sweeting has chimed in on social media during this series.

“These are by far the worst articles I have ever read!! The lake family has done nothing but live their lives to better our community – not from behind a desk – but in the community being the hands and feet of Christ.”

This post was screen saved and has been deleted by its author.

Similarly to the post encouraging anyone who read it to boycott these websites and to call any sponsors listed on the page including UPMC.

Spencer Sweeting resigned from the WASD school board in August 2018, right around the time of publication of Millionaire Baseball Mayhem in Myrtle Beach.

From their new church home in Colorado Springs, Colorado the Sweeting family continues to comment on the disaster they left as if they had no knowledge either.

Spencer Sweeting with all of his innate knowledge; before moving to Colorado is the same person who shared with a source in regard to the Myrtle Beach case, “there is no there, there!”

Maybe the fact “there is no there, there” is why the office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is investigating the matter.

Sweeting and his innate knowledge was so immense in depth and breadth, it took an elite woke white woman named Jennifer Lake to identify systemic racism in the WASD, two years after Spencer Sweeting resigned his WASD school board member seat.

Could it be argued, Sweeting so deeply believed in the Black Lives Matter movement while serving as a WASD school board member he was blinded, then failed to codify and recognize what Jennifer Lake memorialized has been going on for years?

Spencer, it might be a good idea to reach out to the office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro to share with his team what you claim you have no knowledge about before they have to take the jet to the Rocky mountains to ask you in person.


The demonstrated and subscribed to mindset in the WASD, is all about enabling those people leadership believe can bring any value to the student experience, no matter the cost.

Jennifer Lake enables just like school board president Lori Bair people like Darrick Dixon to be around students even though he is a convicted felon.

Dixon was convicted and served time for a crime of a sexual nature against a 14-year old female who was a basketball player for him as outlined in PART III of “A Baseball Story in the birthplace of Little League Baseball.”

In the years leading up to the crimes Dixon served time for, he appeared on the Jenny Jones Show as a rapper with his fellow artist Gigi.

The performance was so bad, fellow performers seated on the stage covered their ears and the audience booed both of them off the stage.

If that is what success looks like in the WASD, count me out.

Dixon is the same person who reached out to the FAMILY OF JOHN DOE #1 the same day Millionaire Baseball Mayhem in Myrtle Beach was published in August 2018, offering assistance.

Other facts related to that call are now being investigated by the office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Have you ever asked yourself how Dixon knew who the victim was and how to contact them?


Another Dixon, Bair and Lake defender as well as FSW critic WASD employee Matthew Radspinner had his own recent crisis with a trip cancelled due to the cornavirus pandemic.

From a May 6, 2020 Facebook post on the WAHS Music Department page: “Frozen on Broadway refunds for students and parents to use for the refund process.”

The link sends users to the following page and online form:

WAHS Music Department Broadway Trip Refund Request form

Please complete this form to request a refund for the WAHS Broadway trip that was to occur on April 15.  All refunds will be issued as a check and mailed to the parent/guardian.  

Fundraising money has no cash value and will be returned to the student account for future opportunities.  If you have any questions please contact Mr. Matthew Radspinner at mradspin@wasd.org.  

All refunds will be processed by June 15.

A concerned parent gave Radspinner a 48-hour window to provide the refund or this parent was going to the Magistrate Judge.

There was an e-mail exchange blaming volunteer parents for the mix-up.

The parent received a refund check on July 13, 2020 drawn on the WAHS Orchestra Association account at Woodlands Bank. It was dropped off in the parents home mailbox.

The copy of the check has been obtained by FSW and is being withheld from this story.

Matthew Radspinner and his wife also signed Jennifer Lake petitions during the last election cycle.

Last Tuesday, on the News Talk WMPT Facebook page Radspinner responded:

Matthew A. Radspinner

Hello Todd,

It was not a personal check, it was issued from an Orchestra account.

Thanks for your concern.

Matthew Radspinner

WAHS Orchestra Director”

Is a list of students going on the trip too tough of a concept for the WASD?

Is there “a there, there” with this trip too?

Or is the lack of a list standard practice in the WASD when taking students out of state on trips?

Still waiting on former WAHS baseball coach Ryan Miller to provide a hotel room assignment list from the 2018 Myrtle Beach trip.


The family of George Floyd filed a civil action in Minnesota last week seeking damages.

So if the family of George Floyd can file a case against the Minneapolis Police Department which Black Lives Matter and the Minneapolis City Council have been called upon to be defunded; does this mean the FAMILY OF JOHN DOE #1 can pursue civil litigation against the WASD?

Just like in the George Floyd case, the “criminal sexual misconduct” against JOHN DOE #1 was captured on video.

Jennifer, what it must be like for you on a daily basis having to live with the reality that you now have the knee not only in the neck of local law enforcement with your support of the Black Lives Matter movement; but still on the neck of JOHN DOE #1 nearly two years later with your inaction on his behalf.

The real problem is the mindset of people on the WASD school board and people like Jennifer Lake.

The byproduct of that mindset is the Myrtle Beach incidents, accusations of systemic racism and poisonous injustices of people in their charge.

Jennifer Lake and the WASD school board are the personification of the mindset of corrupt bureaucratic atmosphere of silence, intimidation and coercion.


The next virtual meeting of the Williamsport Area School Board is slated for tomorrow, Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 6 p.m. preceded by an executive session at 5 p.m. to discuss legal matters.


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