OP-ED: Long past time for Dr. Bowers to resign as WASD Superintendent

Todd Bartley, TalkWilliamsport.com


The following is an opinion editorial addressing the colossal failures during the short tenure of WASD Superintendent, Dr. Timothy Bowers.

The time for Dr. Timothy Bowers to resign as Superintendent of the Williamsport Area School District has long past.

Dr. Bowers has already provided the mechanism for his resignation, IN HIS OWN WORDS.

Bowers supplements his response to Jane Penman:

“In my opinion our actions are more impotent (important) than our words.”

That quote came from the text message records of Dr. Timothy Bowers on Thursday, June 11, 2020, either 6:03 PM or 8:03 PM between WASD school board members Jane Penman and Lori Baer as noted in “The anatomy of the WASD Anti-Racism Board Resolution”PART I.



Nearly one year ago this week March 3, 2020, community member Carlos Saldivia called upon the entire WASD school board and Dr. Bowers to resign.

“Breaking News: Resignations Demanded of WASD Officials based on Myrtle Beach Incident”

In the same meeting, BREAKING NEWS: Community member Carlos Saldivia also asked the WASD School Board for the “WAHS Baseball team program to be immediately suspended indefinitely.” 

Have the events of the past year related to the Myrtle Beach incidents gotten any better for the WASD?

Case in point, the facts as they continue to come to light on a nearly daily basis; have indeed exponentially progressed in a negative direction for the WASD.

Just days into May of 2020, Lycoming County District Attorney Ryan Gardner announced a video depicting “criminal sexual misconduct” existed and the case was referred to Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

That case referral still remains under investigation.

Curious as a Superintendent of a school district and oversight as noted in the WASD Organizational Chart 008-chart 1; if Dr. Timothy Bowers would be interviewed as part of the Attorney General investigation?

I will revisit Dr. Bowers’ part in the “WASD investigations” as this OP-ED progresses.



Let us explore just for a moment the chain of custody of a Childline call regarding the Myrtle Beach incident; juxtaposed against the WASD public statement.

The WASD Statement from January 9, 2020 reads in part:

“The Williamsport Area School District does not condone inappropriate and indecent behavior.”

Editor’s note: “Does not is the present tense use of “did not”;

once again no acknowledgment of victims, no looking back.

So is the logical conclusion drawn, the WASD did “condone inappropriate and indecent behavior” since no actual punishments have to date been handed down?

The WASD statement continues:

“The district has fully conducted an investigation of this incident and has transparently cooperated and participated with law enforcement officials.”

You know, a head principal in a really big school district who conducts an investigation should have no issue with answering the questions of the Myrtle Beach Police Department; by not doing so, could that be considered “obstruction of justice” or “hindering an actual criminal investigation” in the jurisdiction a crime occurred?

Instead, one of Dr. Bowers subordinates took it upon himself to ask the Myrtle Beach Police Detective who called; “Can I ask who you tried to speak with?”


Back to the WASD Statement:

“When contacted by Myrtle Beach authorities, the high school principal immediately referred them to the district attorney’s office and the district’s school resource officers, who serve with the Williamsport Bureau of Police.”

You know, the same school resource officers who were part of the investigation in May and June 2018 and were so involved they knew nothing about it until contacted by Myrtle Beach authorities in September of that year.

On this last referenced statement Dr. Bowers and I will agree;

“We urge our students, families and community members to avoid posting statements

to social media that are inaccurate or misleading,

as those statements can be detrimental and potentially harmful to our students.”

Over the course of this matter, the only misinformation that has been regularly provided is from the Williamsport Area School District; the same school district Dr. Bowers you lead along with the school board and are ultimately responsible for.



For a board of school directors which had a member living outside the district boundaries for what has been shared with this author for as much as two years; obliviousness only multiplied when they offered Dr. Timothy Bowers a contract extension and unanimously (7-0) approved it.

But wait, WASD board member Adam Welteroth was absent and according to WASD Board Secretary, Wanda Erb Marc Schefsky who was not residing in the district was listed as not being present for the vote on Bowers extension on November 10, 2020.

PRESENT: Lori A. Baer, Patrick A. Dixon, Jennifer Lake, Jane L. Penman, Star Poole,

Barbara D. Reeves, Marc D. Schefsky (arrived 6:22 pm), Nancy Somers.

ABSENT: Adam C. Welteroth


How could an oblivious school board renew a Superintendent who has an open Attorney General investigation into the Myrtle Beach incident still ongoing?

Would it not be prudent to wait to see what the findings are before issuing extensions and pay increases, not to mention the funding shortfall caused by the global pandemic?

The colossal failure of the global pandemic plan is forthcoming as well.

This Superintendent and his school board seem to rush into things that matter to them – regularly.

You know, like the 28 days the board took and Dr. Bowers went along with acknowledging the death of George Floyd; as compared to the more than 19 months to make a statement regarding the Myrtle Beach incident.

In fact at the next WASD school board meeting, just 50 days after the law took effect; the WASD will consider a Board Policy, “Discipline of Student Convicted/Adjudicated of Sexual Assault”.

You know, that is really something on the heels of the report of ALLEGED PERPETRATOR #1 being charged by the same Myrtle Beach Police who your high school head principal asked; “Can I ask who you tried to speak with?”

The statement regarding the Myrtle Beach incident makes no mention of the “victims”.



Fear not WASD taxpayers, if history is any indication the law firm of Kline & Specter who represent JOHN DOE #1  will make certain the “victims” of the Myrtle Beach incident will never be disrespected again.

Just ask the Catholic Church and Penn State about their results in civil litigation.

When history reflects on this case; those organizations may well say “hold my beer” to the WASD.

Wait, you know, like Brandon Pardoe (WAHS head principal) at the late March 2018 party at the beach house in South Carolina actually holding a beer in the presence of students he had oversight of.

The photo can also be found in Part XXII.

Brandon Pardoe (WAHS head principal)

at beach house in South Carolina holding a beer (right side of photo)



WAHS Head Principal Brandon Pardoe then informs Superintendent Dr. Timothy Bowers and his secretary Susie Neidig in the evening hours of May 30, 2018 of details about the “investigation.”

Subject: FW: Meeting

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 8:22:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Brandon Pardoe

To: Timothy Bowers

CC: Susan A. Neidig

Priority: High 

“We started the investigation with regard to the video taken on the Myrtle Beach trip after speaking with the parent and student today. I can give you more information if we could talk. I contacted the home of (redacted) who is the student that was videoed doing the act to the other student. I requested to meet with them with their son. They appear to be getting an attorney to meet as well. I would imagine that this is something that we would want to reach out to our solicitor about and update to join in a mutual meeting. I do have a recommendation for the interim until we can meet that I would like to run by you.

If we can talk tomorrow that would be great.”

Brandon Pardoe, Ed.D

Head Principal 

Williamsport Area High School

2990 West Fourth Street

Williamsport, PA 17701

Phone: (redacted by author)


Dr. Bowers, the benefit of the doubt left on May 30, 2018 when Pardoe emailed you and said “I contacted the home of (redacted) who is the student that was videoed doing the act to the other student.”

Let this part of the email sink in:

student that was videoed doing the act to the other student.”

An act that was so egregious, the Student Handbook which outlines behavior expectations and punishments for failing to adhere to them; was completely ignored.

With you in the know and the top of the pyramid Dr. Bowers, the blame falls on you.

Fact witnesses have relayed any number of stories to me of your participation in a false flag, fake social media news operation you and those in the WASD have engaged in for the past three years attempting to discredit me.

Your attempts have failed.

Your false narrative has absolutely been debunked.


In your own words, the words of WASD employees past and present and those of the school board in the countless  communications obtained through the exclusive Right to Know Law requests from this author.

Even more Right to Know Law requests are forthcoming.


You know, the same Brandon Pardoe, Dr. Bowers thanked for updating him on an investigation that began may 30, 2018; 12 days after the initial Childline call was made.

The morning of June 1, 2018 Superintendent Bowers replied to Pardoe:

Date: June 1, 2018 6:42 AM

From: Timothy Bowers

To: Brandon Pardoe

Subject: Baseball

“Ok thanks for the follow-up”

Sent from my iPhone

An iPhone the WASD taxpayers foot the bill for.

The quote above student that was videoed doing the act to the other student,” is the reason why there could never be a room list provided to me and why most of the records requests had to be denied.

Everybody knew about the student that was videoed doing the act to the other student”.

The student that was videoed doing the act to the other student,” everybody knew it was bad.

Just ask the former principal at Cochran Primary School, Cindy T. Schuyler as she said in “A Baseball Story In The Birthplace Of Little League Baseball”PART XVI who said:

“I was aware of most of this. Some of what is said isn’t correct,

but in my opinion something bad happened in Myrtle Beach.”


PART XVI continues:


As part of the ongoing review of the phone records obtained from the WASD in the Right to Know Law process, a previously unidentified number was found.

The number belongs to Cindy T. Schuyler, principal at Cochran Primary School.

Schuyler previously referenced in PART V of this series after posting the following to the FSW Facebook page, “I was aware of most of this. Some of what is said isn’t correct, but in my opinion something bad happened in Myrtle Beach.”

Soon after posting it, she deleted the above referenced comment from the aforementioned page.

The WASD school board in November 2019 approved the resignation of Cindy T. Schuyler, principal at Cochran Primary School for the purpose of retirement.

Schuyler has been a WASD administrator for 13 years.

After learning of the incident, as a mandatory reporter why did she never call the Myrtle Beach Police Department?

Schuyler, was reached by phone Saturday evening seeking comment for this story; upon hearing the identifier of Talk Williamsport on the phone, Schuyler promptly hung up.

Schuyler’s resignation and retirement take effect June 30, 2020.

Can she explain the phone call with WAHS Principal Brandon Pardoe that lasted 14 minutes on January 3, 2019?


Back to PART XIX:

Was Pardoe asking the point person for both criminal and non-criminal investigations?

His calendar seems to indicate that:


Prior to the meeting on May 30, 2018 the calendar program used by Dr. Pardoe reflects multiple meeting invitations for the following obtained through RTKL requests:

Subject: (Redacted) Mother and Agent Weber Meeting

Location: Brandon’s office

Start: Wed 5/30/18  9:00 AM

End: Wed 5/30/18 10:00 AM

Show Time as: Tentative

Recurrence: (none)

Meeting Status: Accepted

Organizer: Brandon Pardoe

Required Attendees: Roger W. Freed, Sean McCann

Pardoe notes on the invitation,

“I scheduled with Will Weber for this day. Please plan to attend. Thanks, BP”


As a footnote to history, when was Fred Holland brought into the loop on this case?

Pardoe: “I would imagine that this is something that we would want to reach out to our solicitor about and update to join in a mutual meeting.”

In the released WASD Statement it says the WASD Solicitor (Fred Holland) gave Pardoe permission to run the investigation; was that after it had started, or did I miss something?

Back to Part XIX“The Millionaire Way”

The WASD has yet to provide an e-mail outlining the directive from WASD Solicitor to WAHS Head Principal Brandon Pardoe giving him permission to conduct the investigation.

When Pardoe adds:

I do have a recommendation for the interim until we can meet that I would like to run by you.”

Is this his Graham Spanier moment from the Jerry Sandusky case?


From the CBS News report, June 30, 2012 “Report: Ex-Penn State head OK’d not reporting Sandusky”:

If Sandusky is cooperative, Curley’s email said, “we would work with him. …. If not, we do not have a choice and will inform the two groups,” according to the report.

Spanier wrote back and agreed with that approach,

calling it “humane and a reasonable way to proceed,” according to the report.

But he also worried about the consequences.

“The only downside for us is if message isn’t `heard’ and acted upon and we then become vulnerable for not having reported it, but that can be assessed down the road,” the email said, according to CNN.



From to Part III:


On Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 10:30 AM Talk Williamsport asked several clarification questions that ended in WASD Solicitor Fred Holland being silenced by his client.


I need a clarification on the invoices WASD provided Talk Williamsport from your firm.  The pair of invoices provided indicate George Lepley was involved in meetings and phone calls. 

Was he employed by WASD or representing someone else? 

Thanks for your attention in this matter. Todd


Fred Holland responded at 1:24 PM:

Mr. Lepley was not retained by WASD. Fred


At 1:34 PM, Bartley asks, As a follow-up, then why was he in meetings with WASD officials in the midst of multiple investigations?

Fred Holland responds at 1:47 PM

Todd, With all due respect, I cannot answer that question.

The Right to Know Act allows you to obtain documents, which you have done. I cannot discuss with you the things that are in those documents without the approval of my client.

Best regards, Fred


Bartley asks at 4:58 PM

Fred, Will your client grant you the ability to discuss with me what is contained in those documents?

The invitation goes unanswered the rest of July 30, 2019.


On Wednesday July 31, 2019 at 3:20 PM a follow-up email is sent:

Fred: It would be my understanding that your client has declined the invitation for you to speak with me in regard to the documents provided so far.



On Wednesday July 31, 2019, Holland responds at 3:32 PM in an e-mail copied to WASD Superintendent Timothy Bowers, WASD Open Records Officer Wanda Erb and WASD Attorney Jeff Rowe:

Todd, My client has not authorized me to speak further with you.


Fred A. Holland , Murphy, Butterfield, & Holland, P.C.


Returning to Part XIX“The Millionaire Way” for another Holland, lack of response quote to legitimate questions and bragging about it to WASD assistant superintendent, Susie Bigger and WAHS head principal Brandon Pardoe.

Previously, when pressed on similar issues in this story WASD Solicitor Fred Holland offered the following in an e-mail to those involved in the investigation he approved according to the statement offered by the district.

Subject: FW: WASD Questions

Date: Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 3:52:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Fred Holland

To: Timothy Bowers, Brandon Pardoe, Susie Bigger

“If he (Bartley) asks again, I won’t justify it with a response…

Little more than three weeks later in September 2018; Brandon Pardoe channeled his inner Fred Holland when the Myrtle Beach Police Department reached out for answers.

Pardoe as previously noted, said “Can I ask who you tried to speak with?”

That’s sure sounds like; “I won’t justify it with a response…”



There have been many a rhetorical question posed in this case; one perplexing one is; why after two full years of Right to Know Law requests being denied this author was a new law firm hired at WASD taxpayers expense?

One plausible answer could be a Right to Know Law request focusing on Dr. Timothy Bowers regarding the Myrtle Beach case as well as the “WASD Anti-Racism Board Resolution”Part V.

The law firm of Kegel, Kelin, Litts, and Lord based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania who have authored such presentations as:

“BIG, BAD BULLIES – HOW TO PROTECT YOUR STUDENTS FROM HARM AND YOUR DISTRICT FROM LIABILITY for KKAL Education Law Breakfast (2017), Howard L. Kelin and Jeffrey D. Litts and

“TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE INVESTIGATIONS,” for Lancaster-Lebanon School Business Officials, Jeffrey D. Litts.

Soon after nearly 130 separate Right to Know Law requests were filed last year as follow-ups to previous denials and requests the law firm of Kegel, Kelin, Litts, and Lord began negotiations with me to release certain requested documents.

Within that release came the actual non-punishment emails and the stunning admission by the WASD of the “Lepley Letter” of May 31, 2018.

A letter that should have been released two years earlier by Wanda Erb, WASD Board Secretary, Business Manager, and Right to Know Law officer.

from Part XIX“The Millionaire Way”:

The existence of a letter authored by George Lepley was confirmed by this author and was immediately requested through the Right to Know law and through the special counsel hired by the WASD.

Attorney George Lepley was contacted for this story and when confronted with the existence of said letter he stated, “I never wrote a letter, there is no letter.”

When confronted with the content of the letter, he added, “I would never threaten the school district.”

The letter authored by George Lepley obtained through the Right to Know Law, dated May 31, 2018 was not previously provided in the RTKL mediation conducted with the WASD last year and appears as follows:


Brandon Pardoe, Principal 

Williamsport Area High School

2990 West Fourth Street

Williamsport, PA 17701


Shawn McCann, Athletic Director 

Williamsport Area High School

2990 West Fourth Street

Williamsport, PA 17701


Re: Misconduct Myrtle Beach

Dear Brandon and Shawn:

I have been contacted by (redacted by WASD), parents of ALLEGED PERPETRATOR #1 (editor added) (redacted by WASD) regarding potential criminal charges (the rest of this sentence was redacted by WASD) followed by between 10 and 11 lines which are also redacted by the WASD

Within the redacted lines, Lepley outlines a plan that if his client ALLEGED PERPETRATOR #1 is treated any differently than any other student in the room during what has been confirmed to be “criminal sexual misconduct”  in Myrtle Beach then his firm would seek legal remedies as well as the unmasking of the identity of those students.

The letter concludes, “It is my understanding you wish to have a meeting with ALLEGED PERPETRATOR #1 (editor added) (redacted by WASD) and his parents. Please note, I will be present at that meeting and therefore would kindly appreciate notice of same.

Sincerely, LEPLEY, ENGLEMAN & YAW, LLC George E. Lepley, Jr. Esquire”

The other students in the room at the time of the “criminal sexual misconduct” as characterized by Lycoming County District Attorney Ryan Gardner, included the nephew of Brandon Pardoe.

That fact alone should have led to a recusal by Pardoe from any involvement in the “investigative process.”

The method of delivery and specific date of delivery of the Lepley letter have yet to be confirmed by the WASD.

How did a letter to the WASD from the attorney for ALLEGED PERPETRATOR #1 include the unredacted words “Misconduct Myrtle Beach” and “potential criminal charges”; end up as “indecent and inappropriate behavior” unless adults worked it out amongst themselves?

Is it the same way Penn State administrators try to explain away the behavior of Jerry Sandusky as “horseplay.”

The Lepley letter of May 31, 2018 leads to only one conclusion.

Everyone in a leadership capacity on the trip, knew of the “criminal sexual misconduct” incident while in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.



How could a Superintendent who recommended Hybrid learning, then switched to full remote, then in-person learning then back again while keeping all the sports teams still playing be offered an extension?

Did I mention, in the presentation I attended that all information related to race was conveniently left out of the class failure rates?

From the story, “Colossal Failure happening in the WASD”, according to data presented, the academic courses that are currently being failed at the high school level this marking period total 2,932 or 32%. At the mid-marking period assessment, the total was 2,968.

Remote learning only students accounted for 1,203 or 54% of the total failure number.

In the middle school, 3,199 academic courses are currently being failed.

According to WASD superintendent Dr. Timothy Bowers, “Williamsport remains one of only two school districts in the Intermediate Unit that is not back to five day per week in-person learning.”


Was that because the numbers were disproportionate to the minority students being left behind and the optics in the aftermath of the “WASD Anti-Racism Board Resolution” would be awful?

Or was it just another example of the systemic racism that WASD board member Jennifer Lake championed would never happen again?

Is that why Jennifer Lake had such a hard time casting a vote to return to in-person learning?



What if a Right to Know Law request produced a letter that exists as well as email exchanges about a “perceived threat” by a family member of baseball team member?

What if that alleged “perceived threat” was answered “immediately” with a letter from WASD Solicitor Fred Holland?

What if the person stating the alleged “perceived threat” was never criminally charged in the matter?

What if the letter banned the person stating the alleged “perceived threat” from WASD property?

In summary, the person stating the alleged “perceived threat”, who was never criminally charged in the matter, received a letter from WASD Solicitor Fred Holland banning them from WASD property.

What would your response be to an adult who had actually been charged with a crime of a sexual nature against a child in the WASD while serving as that students coach?

Would that be an alleged “perceived threat” and garner a letter from WASD Solicitor Fred Holland?

This community already knows your response as well as so many WASD employees who have provided video endorsements.



If these examples are not enough of the colossal failure; this surely must be; this author was informed you took a personal interest in making sure soon to be former WASD board member used an address that he was not residing in to remain on the board at your request.

It is not lost on me the tardiness of that same board member on the night Dr. Bowers contract was voted on; was this so no questions would be asked for the agreement to be revisited since a non-district resident cast a vote?

Regardless, your record of failure when it comes to protecting and providing a safe and fulsome learning environment is crystal clear.

Prior to your resignation, Dr. Bowers this community demands you begin the process of mitigating the damage caused in the Myrtle Beach case.

The following steps must be taken Tuesday evening at the WASD school board meeting;

The resignation of Fred Holland, WASD solicitor

The resignation of Brandon Pardoe, WAHS head principal

The resignation of Roger Freed, WAHS principal

The resignation of Sean McCann, WAHS athletic director

The resignation of Susie Bigger, WASD assistant superintendent

The resignation of Wanda Erb, WASD business manager

The rescission of the coaching contracts for the entire WAHS baseball coaching staff, pending the outcome of the AG investigation

These moves are only the beginning of the fallout from the inaction in the Myrtle Beach case on your watch.


With that in mind; history calls for your immediate resignation and rescission of the extension agreement set to begin July 1, 2021.

On second thought, stay there, when Attorney General Josh Shapiro makes known the findings of the investigation of the 2018 WAHS baseball team “criminal sexual misconduct” incident for which at least one student has recently been charged in; your answers in front of the national media will be must watch television.

From the major motion picture “Gladiator”, prior to going into battle with the Barbarian Horde; Maximus tells his fellow patriots in the Roman army:

“What we do in life, echoes in eternity.”

You know, Dr. Bowers it rings similar to what you said to WASD board member Jane Penman:

“In my opinion our actions are more impotent (important) than our words.”

Just another great day to be a Millionaire.