Pardoe: “I have this under control”, Weber lied to ADA Yates, – Exhibit C

Also, while reviewing the MBPD file, the affiant observed the following. MBPD Detective Porter wrote the following occurred on 9/28/2018 when he spoke with Lycoming County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Yates:

“Mr. Yates informed me that he knows the Chief County Detective William Weber and spoke to him after reading the article. According to Mr. Yates, Detective Weber also had no knowledge of these allegations. As of this time there is no known victim to speak to.”

On 6/23/2020, the affiant called and spoke with Jeff Yates. He confirmed that he was an assistant District Attorney in the Lycoming County Office in 2018. He also said he was in charge of juvenile cases. The affiant explained to him this investigation.

The affiant told him what Detective Porter of the Myrtle Beach Police Department documented in his report in regards to Yates saying that he spoke to Weber after the Bartley news article was first published.

The affiant told Yates that Porter documented he said that

Weber had no knowledge of the allegations in the article.


The affiant asked Yates if this was accurate, and Yates responded: “Yes.”


Yates said that the news article came out and he spoke to Weber, asking Weber: “Are you hearing anything?”

According to Yates, Weber responded: “No.”

Yates also said Detective Porter called after that.

It should be noted that Todd Bartley’s first news article on this case came out on 8/24/2018. 


Detective Porter spoke to Yates on 9/28/2018.


Weber was notified by CYS of the Child Line on 5/18/2018,

and Weber started an investigation after this

along with Brandon Pardoe, the high school principal.


On 6/24/2020, the affiant interviewed the juvenile male victim #1 and his mother. He confirmed what was on the video and what happened to him. he also said that the juvenile male suspect #1 sat on his head as well. This victim was angry about what happened to him; he did not consent to it at all and he did not think it was funny.

This victim indicated that he was called derogatory names

when he was at school the following week

by people who had seen the video of what happened to him.


This contradicted what Weber wrote in his “report ” on 10/8/2018.


The affiant next addressed the meeting this victim had with the school officials during the last week of May 2018. His mother was present for his meeting, as were Pardoe and Weber. The victim told then what happened and who was involved.

The victim gave them names, what happened to him, and they took notes.

According to the victim’s mother:

“They promised me they would get back to me…

they promised they would question people involved and they would get back to me.”

As of today,

none of them has ever contacted the victim’s mother.


The affiant asked the victim if, at any point, did he tell the school officials above, including Weber,

that what happened to him in Myrtle Beach was a prank and he was fine with it.

The victim said, “No.”

The victim’s mother said: “No, not at all.”

The victim’s mother’s calls were never returned.


On 7/1/2020, the affiant interview the juvenile male videographer.  He confirmed that he videotaped what happened to the juvenile male victim #1 on the video.

This juvenile male also said that, about a week or two before school had ended that year, he got called to the office. He said he was taken to a room in which Mr. Pardoe and maybe others were.

This juvenile male was asked about the trip, and he told them what happened.

When asked how this meeting ended, this juvenile male said he was told he was suspended from the team for two games.

Pardoe also indicated to the juvenile male videographer that they had to they dealt with a consequence. He said the juvenile male suspect #1 was suspended for two games as well.


The juvenile male videographer’s mother said that

Pardoe came to her house.

He (PARDOE) told her:

“please don’t ever talk about what happened..

I have this under control…

“When the affiant asked her if Pardoe said anything about law enforcement or police being involved, she said he said:

“It’s not gonna go anywhere, not to worry about anything..

you have nothing to worry about…

I’m just here to apologize for not having him play in two games.”

The affiant asked if Pardoe ever told the juvenile male videographer that the Myrtle Beach Police were going to be notified.

This juvenile said: “No.”


His mother said Pardoe said:

“…not to worry about anything…

nobody’s getting involved…

don’t worry about it…I have this under control.”

This juvenile male also said that

Weber never interviewed him.


EDITOR’S NOTE: At this writing WAHS head principal Dr. Brandon Pardoe is still employed by the Williamsport Area School District.





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