Schefsky WASD School Board Resignation Letter obtained

Pictured: Standing from left is Patrick Dixon, Barbara Reeves, Marc Schefsky, Star Poole and Adam Welteroth. Seated from left is President Lori Baer, V.P., Dr. Jane Penman, Dr. Nancy Story Somers and Jennifer Lake.

Todd Bartley,, through a Right to Know Law request obtained the Marc Schefsky resignation letter from the WASD School Board.

It is dated March 31, 2021 and it reads as follows:

“Dear WASD President Lori Baer, et al,

It is with great regret that I must inform you of my intention to resign from the WASD school board. Although I have enjoyed my time working with this board, it has become increasingly more difficult to maintain my full attention and commitment. I have been spending increasingly more time in Florida due to the declining health of my father. I am spending 5 days per week traveling to Florida to provide him with 24 hour care. I expect this to continue for the forseeable future. During my time in Pennsylvania I will be staying outside of the district. I am grateful to the board and the district for the honor to serve on this board and look forward to watch the district continuing to grow albeit from the outside looking in.”

When did Lori Bear become the WASD President, is she not the WASD school board President?

Shefsky states, “During my time in Pennsylvania I will be staying outside of the district.”

How long has he been “staying outside of the district”?

Some may call this line from Schefsky irony;

“and look forward to watch the district continuing to grow albeit from the outside looking in.”

WASD school board President Lori Baer received the Schefsky resignation email on March 31, 2021 at 11:55:59 a.m. and forwarded it to WASD Superintendent Dr. Tim Bowers and WASD Solicitor Fred Holland from her iPhone on April 1, 2021 at 9:51 p.m.

On April 1, 2021, made an email request for the resignation letter of Bowers, Holland, Special Counsel Jeff Litts and WASD school board secretary and Open Records Officer Wanda Erb.
“Would it be possible for the WASD to provide the Marc Schefsky WASD school board member resignation documentation via email today?
Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.”
The email went unanswered. has confirmed from multiple sources that Marc Schefsky remains under investigation by the Lycoming County District Attorney.

Nancy Somers pictured above had previously resigned from the WASD school board.

An Appeal is also being filed with the PA Office of Open Records regarding the timeliness of the WASD response to the request of the Schefsky resignation letter.

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