Senator Doug Mastriano weighs in on reports of Sec. Boockvar resignation

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano weighed in Monday afternoon regarding media reports of the impending resignation of Secretary of State Kathleen Boockvar.
“One of the most important roles I have as a State Senator is reviewing the Governor’s selections for state cabinet positions, and confirming their appointments.
Competence is vital.
I was a “no” vote when State Department Secretary Kathy Boockvar was confirmed by the Senate in November of 2019.
Various news sources are reporting that Boockvar – who oversees elections in PA – is resigning, due to a recent error.
Unfortunately, incompetence was prevalent during her tenure.
On at least four occasions, I expressed my concerns about election security and specifically asked how she would address the issue.
I never received a satisfactory answer.
As a result of those deficiencies…among others…I have been calling for her resignation since November.
Pennsylvanians deserve a fair electoral process, where they are assured that every legal vote counts.
It is my hope that our next State Department Secretary possesses the leadership qualities that are necessary to restore confidence in our elections.”

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