WASD unmasks father of ALLEGED PERPETRATOR #1 in Right to Know responses

By: Todd Bartley, TalkWilliamsport.com


In the Right to Know responses submitted to TalkWilliamsport.com by Wanda Erb, the name of the father of ALLEGED PERPETRATOR #1 was provided.

The unmasking occurred in a text exchange between two assistant WAHS baseball coaches at the time, Dave Heller and Tariq Moore.

Moore was approved as WAHS assistant baseball coach by the WASD school board last night as Wanda Erb read the board members names during a roll call vote on the matter.

The measure to approve spring sports coaches and stipends passed by a 6-3 vote.

Dave Heller is currently not coaching baseball in the WASD.

The name of the father of ALLEGED PERPETRATOR #1 has been redacted by this author since South Carolina authorities have recently filed charges in the “criminal sexual misconduct” case relating to the 2018 WAHS baseball team trip to Myrtle Beach.

Did the WASD fail to apply FERPA and Federal Student Privacy Laws by not redacting the name of the father of ALLEGED PERPETRATOR #1?

Or are FERPA and Federal Student Privacy Laws only selectively applied when it fits the WASD and its desired outcomes?

Within the series “A Baseball Story In The Birthplace Of Little League Baseball” the entire chronology of the text exchange and how it was obtained is provided below.




The family of JOHN DOE #1 confirmed a meeting took place on May 25, 2018 at Williamsport Area High School with JOHN DOE #1, family member (REDACTED), Weber, Pardoe, Zangara and Freed all present.

In the meeting it was disclosed by the family of JOHN DOE #1, “the video speaks for itself”.

The May 31, 2018 telephone conference Holland referred to as “Investigation”, and included High School Principal Brandon Pardoe (who was on the trip to Myrtle Beach), Lepley and Holland who again referred to the call as “pending investigations”.

Speaking of independent, where is the proof any one associated with the WASD and this matter ever contacted Myrtle Beach law enforcement authorities?

Did Pardoe file a report of the findings of his investigations with the WASD school board?

Did that report include the number of fact witnesses, victim statements, statements taken from players, coaches, or photos or videos from anyone else on the trip?

Both coaches as WASD has confirmed under the penalty of perjury were on the trip in Myrtle Beach.

Date: June 13, 2018                Time 11:54 a.m.

From David Heller (Current 9th Grade Social Studies Teacher & Assistant baseball coach)

To: Rique (Tariq Moore Assistant baseball coach)


ask me to call him..should return the call?

Heller: I would be hesitant. maybe (he) wants something else. i would talk to brandon first proly

Rique: What’s Brandon number?

Heller: (Number redacted by WASD)

Why did a pair of assistant baseball coaches concerned about a parent question and being “hesitant” because said parent “maybe (he) wants something else”, and then referring the matter to the WAHS Head Principal instead of the head baseball coach Kyle Schneider?

What “something else” did the father of ALLEGED PERPETRATOR #1 want?

Why did Heller say “i would talk to brandon first proly”?

The Brandon referenced above is the same WAHS Head Principal who oversaw both criminal and non-criminal investigations as noted in the WASD RTKL Denial on July 18, 2019.



According to the WASD Wanda Erb Affidavit 10-8-19 obtained by FSW in response to RTK mediation efforts on October 8, 2019, Erb offered the following within response #8,:

“As for Ryan Miller, Alicia Carnevale, David Heller, Kyle Schneider and Nick Caringi, I reviewed the text messages then existing on their phones, with their assistance. The only message responsive to the request was found on Mr. Heller’s phone and was disclosed in the Agency’s response.

Tariq Moore did not respond to efforts to contact him until after the Agency sent its response.

His phone is neither owned nor paid for by the district and was not reviewed.

Joel Worthington never responded to my efforts to contact him.

His phone is neither owned nor paid for by the district and was not reviewed.


If the phones of Moore and Worthington were never reviewed; why would the WASD school board not vote to table the agreements and stipends until these questions could be answered?

Kyle Schneider was approved as the head baseball coach and Joel Worthington as a volunteer assistant baseball coach by the WASD school board last night.

As TalkWilliamsport.com has previously confirmed, the office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has an open investigation into the incident in Myrtle Beach.

The investigation is still ongoing.

This is a developing story on TalkWilliamsport.com.