Weber and Pardoe never called the Myrtle Beach Police Department – Exhibit B

Picking up where Exhibit A left off.

On 10/3/18, biographical checks on students from this high school were printed out and were present in this file. These checks were on the juvenile suspect #1 and the juvenile male who shot the video.

The next thing in this file was a Lycoming County District Attorney’s Office report completed and filed by Weber on 10/8/18. Weber documented on this date that he received the initial complaint from CYS in mid may of 2018.

He referred to the complaint as a “you had ‘tea bagged’ another youth.”

He also wrote:

“I told C & Y that I would look into the matter due to my familiarity of WAHS and the baseball program

since my son played and I attended the tournament for 3 years.”

He wrote that he contacted the principal, Brandon Pardoe, and advised him of the complaint. he wrote:

“I told Mr. Pardoe that I had no jurisdiction about what happened in Myrtle Beach,

but would assist and make referrals if need be.

I also told him I was aware of the trip

and what usually goes on during the annual trip.”

Weber also documented in his report the meeting with juvenile male victim #1 and his mother on 5/30/18. Weber wrote that this victim didn’t feel that the video was shared much, that nobody said anything to him at school and he did not feel that the video was passed around.

Weber wrote: “…there was no referral to be made.”

Weber ended his report with:

“Clearly this was a hazing/bullying issue that the school properly handled.

This report was written based on my limited note taking and my memory from may 2018.

I did not prepare a report at the time.”


So far, at this point in the timeline based on what was in Weber’s file, he did no reports on his investigation with the Williamsport High School baseball team.


He maintained a file, but he never notified the Myrtle Beach Police Department,

which was the law enforcement entity with jurisdiction in this matter.

Instead of notifying the MBPD in May of 2018, the MBPD had to contact Weber on 9/28/2018. When they did, Weber completed his first report.

In this report, Weber did not document the sodomy allegations involving juvenile victim(s) that were received by the Lycoming County CYS, and which Weber had a copy of the CYS supplemental report.

Weber wrote a letter to (MBPD) Detective Porter on 10/10/18.

He wrote about (Second Mandated Reporter – NAME REDACTED BY AUTHOR), allegations and then wrote:

“I checked with the school district and from their investigation,

what (NAME REDACTED BY AUTHOR) reported never occurred from their interviews.”

The affiant reviewed the police reports from the Myrtle Beach Police Department concerning this investigation. The affiant confirmed that the MBPD first was notified about the aforementioned allegations on 9/28/2018 from reporter Todd Bartley seeking a comment.

The MBPD was never notified by Weber or Pardoe.

The affiant also observed the following in the Lycoming County District Attorney file. The affiant saw a copy of notes with no date on it.

The notes read in part:

“School district was aware in Myrtle Beach…

Brandon told kids to get rid of images…


(juvenile male suspect #2’s name) – nephew -…

(juvenile male victim #2’s name) had penis across face suck it up parents said…

(juvenile male victim #3’s name)-penetrated by (juvenile male suspect #1’s name)…

(juvenile male suspect #2’s name) holding him down…

Coach Miller aware of it….

(juvenile male videographers’ name) was videotaping – (juvenile male suspect #1) was ringleader.”





PART XXXVIII – “Pardoe: “I have this under control”, Weber lied to ADA Yates, – Exhibit C” – is forthcoming.

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