Zay Weekend – Day One – Videos tell the Story

READER WARNING: The following story contains explicit content and the videos contain foul language

as well as content that may offend some readers and viewers.

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Local basketball standout and current member of the Brooklyn Nets, Alize Johnson hosted a community event last weekend at the basketball courts he dedicated a few years ago adjacent to Fire Tree Place.

The local event and the happenings around it during the day were enjoyed by many in the community as has been the case in previous years.

What happened after the youngsters went home and the sun went down; is a completely different story.

Multiple attempts were made to reach Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter as well as Lycoming County United Way Executive Director Ron Frick who was in Pittsburgh this weekend have gone unanswered.

If they respond to the written questions they received; the story will be updated accordingly.


The following is the first of multiple disturbing videos from last weekend. This video and the behaviors engaged in speak for themselves:


It is important to note the My Vision 9 Foundation, founded by Chanelle Johnson and mother of Alize Johnson. Chanelle Johnson has engaged in a purge of her social media accounts in the past 24 hours in advance of this story.


The image below is also reminiscent of a local billboard blocks from where the incident depicted in the video above occurred.


From the My Vision 9 Foundation website, the Welcome statement is as follows:


Our misson is based on three principles love God, love people, and treat them how you want to be treated.”


For the females depicted in the video above; is this what Chanelle Johnson has in mind when she outlines in her mission “treat them how you want to be treated”?


Chanelle Johnson took to her Instagram account in the hours leading up to the release of this story with the following post:


The post above has since been deleted.


A second video depicts more suggestive dancing by multiple females on Williamsport City streets last weekend.



A third video, shows alcohol in the opening shot and 5 seconds later, Alize Johnson is shown dancing in with money on the street in front of him. He is subsequently Instgram @alizejohnson24 tagged in the video.

At the :40 mark, it appears to show another local basketball standout “making it rain” with females dancing in front of him as if to mimic behaviors which purportedly occur at strip clubs.


Did the DJ just show up for free?

What entity paid the DJ?

Where did the “making it rain” cash come from?

Did Mayor Derek Slaughter or his administration permit the streets being blocked?

According to those who attended and are depicted in the videos the Williamsport Bureau of Police were there and observed all of it and did not intervene.


Based upon information obtained from a barely functioning My Vision 9 website, a person named Jay LeVert from the Cleveland, Ohio area serves as the “lawyer and accountant” for the foundation.

When the Lycoming County United Way and other local non-profit organizations were vetting the My Vision 9 Foundation; did they do any homework at all?

With a simple internet search of “Jay LeVert, lawyer” the following result came up; CLEVELAND BAR ASSOCIATION v. PARA-LEGALS, INC. ET AL. filed with the Supreme Court of Ohio.

As noted in the filings;

[Cite as Cleveland Bar Assn. v. Para-Legals, Inc., 106 Ohio St.3d 455, 2005-Ohio-5519.]
Unauthorized practice of law – Preparing legal documents for others and appearing on behalf of others in court of law – Practice enjoined.
(No. 2004-2145 — Submitted June 15, 2005 -— Decided November 2, 2005.)
ON FINAL REPORT by the Board on the Unauthorized Practice of Law of the
Supreme Court, No. UPL 03-12.

Per Curiam.
{¶ 1} On November 3, 2003, relator, Cleveland Bar Association, charged respondents, Para-Legals, Inc., and Jay LeVert and Leah Hampton, both associated with the company, with engaging in the unauthorized practice of law

{¶ 2} Relator attempted to serve respondents with the complaint by certified mail, but respondents did not sign the receipts. Thus, pursuant to Gov. Bar R. VII (10), service was obtained by ordinary mail evidenced by a certificate of mailing. Respondents did not answer the complaint, and relator moved for default. See Gov. Bar R. VII(7)(B). The Board on the Unauthorized Practice of Law granted the motion and made findings of fact, conclusions of law, and a recommendation to enjoin respondents’ acts constituting the unauthorized practice of law. 


The Cleveland Bar Association filing goes onto say:

{¶ 5} Neither LeVert nor Hampton has been admitted to the practice of law in Ohio, a fact that Para-Legals, Inc. advertised on its letterhead with the slogan “We Are Not Attorneys, We Just Do All Of The Work!”

According to a recent search of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Bar Association lawyer directories; there is no listing for Jay LeVert.


The Justices of the Supreme Court of Ohio at the time rendered the following judgement in the case:

{¶ 10} We therefore find that respondents engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. Respondents are hereby enjoined from lay attempts (1) to represent others in court pursuant to powers of attorney, (2) to prepare court documents for another without professional supervision, and (3) to engage in other acts constituting the practice of law. Costs are taxed to respondents.
Judgment accordingly.


O’DONNELL, J., concurs separately.


So if Jay LeVert in 2005 was, “hereby enjoined from lay attempts (1) to represent others in court pursuant to powers of attorney, (2) to prepare court documents for another without professional supervision, and (3) to engage in other acts constituting the practice of law” by the Supreme Court of Ohio; why is Chanelle Johnson, Founder of My Vision 9 Foundation and mother of Alize Johnson (current member of the Brooklyn Nets) promoting Levert as the “Attorney & Accountant” for her foundation?


When the barely functioning My Vision 9 website was launched, Jay Levert published the following:

“Website launch

Please help us celebrate the launch of our new website by making a cash donation to our efforts to bring support and assistance to individuals in need of our services. Help us to help others!”

Where did the money go that was donated?

Will the My Vision 9 Foundation be willing to provide the IRS Form 990 it must file each year with the public for complete transparency?


As of this writing, the barely functioning My Vision 9 Foundation website lists Copyright © 2019 LeVert and Associates, Inc. at the bottom.  


Based on the 2018 LCUW Tax Return then Councilman Derek Slaughter was a member of the Board of Directors.

When Alize Johnson attempted to locate the basketball courts at an alternate location, Slaughter was a member of the Recreation Commission that voted that location down thus the move to the Fire Tree Place location.

According the City of Williamsport website, the Mayor Slaughter only has two children when in fact he has two and apparently it is news to him he is the current Mayor and not “Current: Mathematics Department, WAHS”.

Is it any wonder why Mayor Slaughter has failed to respond to written questions regarding last weekend?

This is a developing story on