Opinion: The FHL finals are now officially a joke

If stiffing an ice rink company, city taxpayers in Williamsport and several local vendors wasn’t enough now Don Kirnan’s latest circus act occurs on the eve of the Federal Hockey League finals and includes a former Outlaws player.

Let’s begin with the history of said player first. Matt Puntureri was signed by the Augusta Riverhawks of the SPHL (yes, that Augusta team mentioned in a previous story) in October 2012 and waived on November 26, 2012. Which is ironic since the Williamsport Outlaws on October 24, 2012 placed him on “team suspension for DNR games”.

According to the Federal Hockey League transaction wire ADD Puntureri, Matthew (F) signed contract on December 14, 2012.

He was actually picked up (literally) by the Outlaws in Ohio on the road trip to Dayton and played several games before the team folded on January 20, 2013.

Two days later on January 22, 2013 the Federal Hockey League conducted a dispersal draft of Outlaws players and in Round 3 Puntureri was selected by the Danbury Whalers.

Two days after that on January 24, 2013 Kirnan and company issued the following statement as first reported by Fox SportsWilliamsport:

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