ycoming County – Lycoming County Resource Management Services will be resuming curbside collections for its mandated communities (City of Williamsport, South Williamsport Borough, and Loyalsock Township) starting Monday, June 8.

This schedule has been posted in the Sun Gazette, Webb Weekly, and on the LCRMS website.

Recycling drop off sites will not be reopening additional sites this week due to capacity issues and due to improper recycling behaviors. Discharging materials next to the recycling drop off containers is NOT recycling and is considered illegal dumping. If the site is full, please take materials home with you until your next visit. Discarded materials on the ground is not recycling and it requires additional hours of cleanup. Please know that there are cameras at these sites, along with shipping addresses left on discarded cardboard boxes, these sites are being closely monitored to clean up the mess.

PROPER recycling habits – breakdown all boxes to help maximize the storage space in the container, empty all plastic bags and take bags home with you. Plastic bottles and metal cans go into one container, please do not bag these recyclables together; it does not promote materials to properly accumulate in its recycling container (and plastic bags are not recyclable at our sites). If the container is full, DO NOT pile recyclables next to the containers.

FALSE – it is ok to put garbage in with the recycling because it goes to a single stream recycling facility and the trash gets separated.

FACT – single stream is ONLY for recyclable materials, putting trash and bagged materials into the system causes issues to the equipment and is not intended for waste. LCRMS single stream recycling system is only recyclables. DO NOT MIX WITH TRASH.

Capacity – During this time, LCRMS is holding recyclables for three days before processing and handling the materials for the safety of our employees. Due to our space limitations, we are not able to be fully open all 20 drop off sites within Lycoming County at this time.

If you or anyone in your household has COVID19, please throw away your recyclables. In addition, Lycoming County is still in the “yellow” for reopening, we ask everyone to continue to wear their masks while accessing the sites. If you do not wish to visit the drop off sites, please know single stream recycling is available in Lycoming County. Reach out to your waste hauler for details.

Recycling drop off sites open at this time are City of Williamsport, Hughesville Borough, Jersey Shore Borough, Loyalsock Township, South Williamsport Borough, and self-dump recycling site at the landfill in Montgomery.

Please be aware that collection procedures have changed. To better accommodate the inbound recyclables and help with its transportation, more materials will be combined:

1. FIBER/PAPERS which are magazines, newspapers, chipboard, office paper junk mail, and cardboard that has been broken down are all acceptable into one container.

2. PLASTICS BOTTLES 1&2/METAL CANS which are plastic bottles/jars #1&2 only, tin/steel cans, and aluminum cans are all acceptable into one container.

3. GLASS BOTTLES/JARS are still acceptable and are still separated by color (clear/brown/green).

PLASTIC BAGS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE IN THE RECYCLING CONTAINERS, PLEASE EMPTY ANY BAGGED MATERIAL AND TAKE THE BAGS BACK HOME WITH YOU (only exception is for shredded office paper, please put your shredded office paper in a clear bag).

Thank you for your recycling participation. We will release updates as new sites begin to open. Please help by using proper recycling habits.