Wolf Administration Provides Recommendation for School and Recreational Youth Sports

Harrisburg, Pa. – The Pennsylvania Department of Health and Department of Education today jointly recommended that Pre-K–12 school and recreational youth sports be postponed until at least Jan. 1, 2021, to protect children and teens from COVID-19.

The administration is providing this strong recommendation and not an order or mandate. As with deciding whether students should return to in-person classes, remote learning or a blend of the two this fall, school administrators and locally elected school boards should make decisions on sports.

Highlights of the recommendation to pause youth sports until Jan. 1, 2021:

  • Applies to team and individual, school and non-school recreational youth sports;
  • Includes competitions, intramural play and scrimmages;
  • Continue conditioning, drills and other training activities on an individual basis;
  • Does not apply to collegiate and professional sports;
  • Gathering limits remain unchanged – no more than 25 persons may gather indoors and 250 outdoors.

The administration is updating existing sports guidance to reflect this recommendation.

The administration recognizes the importance of getting children back to school, while also protecting the safety and well-being of students and educators. Guidance for schools is available. The guidance represents endorsed best public health practices related to social distancing, face coverings, hand hygiene, and cleaning and disinfecting in school settings. It also outlines how to accommodate individuals with disabilities or chronic conditions, procedures for monitoring symptoms, and responding to confirmed or probable cases of COVID-19 in the school community.

Sec. Levine responds to Miami Marlins COVID-19 outbreak

During the Tuesday press availability Todd Bartley of News Talk WMPT was in attendance at the PEMA building in Harrisburg and posed questions to Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania Secretary of Health regarding the recent Miami Marlins COVID-19 outbreak in Philadelphia.

In the hours after the press event Major League Baseball announced the Marlins will not be playing games before Sunday and the Phillies will not play again until Thursday.

The moves were made out of an abundance of caution.

Darrick Dixon has Jussie Smollett holding his beer

The following is the initial article in an investigative series into multiple racial hoax incidents being perpetrated on local Lycoming County businesses. 

By: Todd Bartley, Talkwilliamsport.com

Darrick Dixon, who claims he is the most famous Williamsport resident has a habit of drawing attention to himself; he just took the cake in regard to racism in America and has Jussie Smollett holding his beer.

According to a February 11, 2020 Chicago Sun Times article, “The “Empire” actor (Jussie Smollett) has been charged again for allegedly faking a hate crime attack after the Cook County state’s attorney’s office dropped the charges.”

Darrick Dixon recently staged, recorded and shared multiple “commercials” for food products not currently offered in local stores.

The parties that played roles in the videos were sought out, groomed and instructed by Dixon on how to perform for the desired effect.

Talkwilliamsport.com has confirmed from fact witnesses at each location, at no time in any of the videos did any store employee participate in any way.

Talkwilliamsport.com has also confirmed from fact witnesses and law enforcement sources, at no time in any of the videos did any member of the Williamsport Bureau of Police participate in any way.


Wegman’s Incident

On or about June 18, 2020 as noted in the time stamp of the provided video Darrick Dixon and company entered the Wegman’s in Williamsport intent on recording a video falsely referred to as a “commercial.”

Upon entry of the building it is believed by fact witnesses that a pair of groups had specific instructions in order to divide and conquer the employees and management working that evening.

One group, a female with children went toward the newly renovated cafe’ side of the store while Dixon (camera in hand) and fellow conspirators headed for the other side of the store to begin their performances.

The diversion with the female on the cafe’ side of the store drew enough attention from the Wegman’s staff and management the Williamsport Bureau of Police was called and officers responded.

Which was all part of the prescribed plan Dixon cooked up.

As the diversion was underway in the cafe’; the video begins with Aaron “Zeek” Holder sitting on a battery driven scooter with a basket on its front.

Holder is black.

He is engaged in a heated conversation with a person who appears to be a store manager in a polo, khakis and a mask covering his face.

The person playing the role of the manager has been identified as Jason Seyler.

Seyler is white.

On the left side of the screen is a group of females also playing roles in the video including Erica Seyler (wife of Jason Seyler) and other minors related to both of them.

The conversation revolves around the absence of Uncle P Pancake mix as Holden holds up a box of Aunt Jemima pancake mix.

As the exchange continues Holder grabs a box of Uncle Ben’s rice from his basket and claims he wants Uncle P rice.

When Seyler playing the manager says he will talk to his “buyer” about getting the other product; Holder slams the boxes on the ground and takes off on the scooter.

He is closely followed by Seyler who instructs Holder to leave the store.

As Holder exits the front of the store, he exits on the same side as a Williamsport Bureau of Police officer already engaged in a conversation with store employees regarding the earlier diversion incident.

The WBP officer has their back to the camera as Holder exits.

Holder blurts out that “black lives matter and black product matters!”

At no time did the WBP officer move toward Holder or take action against him.

Fact witnesses interviewed for this story claim that Dixon invited the WBP officer to be in the video, the invitation was instantly declined.

The subsequent completed video was linked to Instagram and shared on Facebook.

The video has been seen nearly 500,000 times between the social media platforms.

A “fake news” story chronicling the incident appears on a website promoting Master P appearances and products:


Master P, June 18


O.G. turns up behind Master P Uncle P’s Rice and Pancakes, telling the store manager that he doesn’t want Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Jemima because they’re fake. Manager calls the police on him, he leaves screaming, “Black lives matter and Black products matter!” #WeAllWeGot


Seyler admits to playing “a store manager role for Master P”
The same night as the alleged Wegman’s incident, Jayson Seyler admits on his Facebook page he played the role of a store manager and thanks Darrick Dixon aka Darrick Rizzo amongst others, including his own wife and family who had starring roles in the hoax as well.
June 18

It was a blessing an honor to be in this commercial. I never thought I would play a store manager role for Master P. But God is good. Thank you Darrick Rizzo, Yolanda Washington and the team at Cam Media. Great job Ayda, Erica, Jaelyn and Layla!

Here is a link.


Holden video stated intent prior to Wegman’s incident

Aaron “Zeek” Holder participated in a video with Dixon producing that outlined the plan to go to the store, to protest and to make enough of a scene so the police would be called to remove him.

The OG was at the supermarket and they called the cops on him for turning up behind the Uncle P Rice & Pancakes. Salute to OG Zeek for repping us. He said he about to cut up even more now. #weallwegot #ownership #UnclePRice @officialrapsnacks #godisreal

When Master P says, “He said he (OG Zeek) about to cut up even more now; does that mean more stores can anticipate this same type of behavior in the near future?


In response to seeing the video on Facebook, Terrell Davis commented He better not be standing up because when I see him last time he was in a wheelchair.”


Master P claims he has never met Zeek calls him a “soldier”

OG Zeek been turning up behind Uncle P rice and black owned product. Going to stores and protesting. I’ve never met him, but I’m going to do something special for this soldier. Thanks for the love and the support. #weallwegot #Godisgood #ownership



Your Choice Incident preceded Wegman’s incident

Aaron “Zeek” Holder appears in a video exiting the Your Choice store on Washington Boulevard in Williamsport with a pair of cases of what he claims to be P Noodles on or about June 9, 2020.

As he exits the store a female in the parking lot engages Holder by demanding some of the product. Holder denies her and then proceeds to a vehicle.

Holder then dances on the drivers side of the vehicle which has labeling on the drivers side on the bed of the truck that reads “Facebook.com/AntiochChurch.”

According to store staff the noodles shown in the video are not currently sold at that location. The packages are actually labeled snacks.

Again, another hoax.



Master P rewards Zeek with new teeth and a promised movie role

I found OG Zeek man he’s humble. God is good. I asked him what he wanted and he said he just “wanted to get his teeth fixed.” He got that and a role in the next movie. He been going hard in stores about my product and imma keep blessing him. #weallwegot


Are these videos not already Master P movies since his products are being promoted?


OG Zeek is a humble man that’s been going in behind our product. You always get blessed when you’re a blessing to others #Godisreal #weallwegot



On June 1, 2020, WNEP-TV broadcast a story regarding the peaceful protest movement in Williamsport; the story noted Dixon under his alias Darrick Rizzo.

“The Peaceful Protesters of Williamsport are working with well-known Williamsport resident Darrick Rizzo to help promote future events. The organization hopes to continue to unite the city through these peaceful protests.”

Dixon as noted in Part III of “A Baseball Story in the Birthplace of Little League Baseball is the former Williamsport Area High School Girls Basketball Coach who was convicted of crimes of a sexual nature in relation to a then 14-year old female basketball player.

Dixon currently works with Jimmy Webb and Webb Weekly to produce local high school sporting events.


Talkwilliamsport.com reached out to Wegman’s corporate office, Mars, Inc. which owns the Uncle Ben’s brand and Quaker Oats which owns the Aunt Jemima brand for comment.

As of this writing none of the companies were available for comment.

Multiple law enforcement agencies confirmed they are currently looking into the case and the many facets including the portrayal of a racially charged incident that has been documented to be completely fabricated.

Those law enforcement agencies declined formal comment for this story citing protocols related to ongoing criminal investigations.

Legal sources contacted for this story who spoke on the condition of anonymity shared “criminal activity occurred” in this case. They also shared the civil liability for those conspiring and producing this hoax could be severe.


In an ironic twist to this story, Jayson Seyler posted to his Facebook page “Set-up or a hoax?” accompanied by the photo below on June 25, 2020.

Setup or a hoax?

Posted by Jason Seyler on Thursday, June 25, 2020


Recently, a 4-part series OP-ED: Jennifer Lake Wokebegone – PART IV was published by Fox Sports Williamsport detailing an anti-racist/racism resolution championed by elite, woke, white woman and Dixon apologist, Jennifer Lake, WASD school board member.

She along with WASD school board president Lori Baer have supported the efforts of Darrick Dixon for years.

Lake has not been shy about her support of the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement.

Dixon previously produced a video including a ringing endorsement from WAMS Principal Brandon Pardoe. The intent was to obtain a pardon for the previously noted crime committed by Dixon.

Based on the facts in this story will Lake, Baer, WAHS Principal Brandon Pardoe and other supporters now condemn this act of hatred and betrayal by Dixon?


The fundamental question in this story is; how is a man who is setting up and promoting peaceful protests while at the same time sowing seeds of racial discord with a completely fabricated act of racism of a white store manager against a handicapped black man at the expense of a local business?


Darrick Dixon has Jussie Smollett holding his beer – PART II is forthcoming.

Gov. Wolf Visits WellSpan York Hospital, Thanks Staff, Discusses Mask-wearing Benefits

Governor Tom Wolf speaks during a press conference addressing the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Pennsylvania, inside PEMA headquarters on Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

Harrisburg, PA – With a recent rise in COVID cases and subsequent additional targeted mitigation efforts put in place, Governor Tom Wolf today visited WellSpan York Hospital to thank staff and emphasize why mask-wearing and social distancing are necessary and effective to fight the spread of COVID-19.

“The best way to prevent our loved ones and ourselves from suffering from COVID-19 is to take preventive measures to stop the spread,” Gov. Wolf said. “That’s why Dr. Levine and I made the decision to require Pennsylvanians to wear a mask in public and it’s why more and more national companies are requiring you to wear a mask when you enter their businesses. They want their employees to stay safe, and they want you to stay safe.”

On July 15, the governor and Sec. of Health Dr. Rachel Levine signed additional targeted statewide mitigation orders for bars and restaurants, gatherings and telework. These were announced after Allegheny and other counties began to see spikes in cases similar to those at the beginning of the pandemic.

The governor was joined at today’s event by WellSpan president and CEO Roxanna Gapstur; Department of Health Sec. Dr. Rachel Levine; York City Bureau of Health medical director and WellSpan physician, Dr. Matthew Howie; associate professor of biology, Kinsley School of Engineering, Science, and Technology, York College of Pennsylvania, Meda Higa, Ph.D.,; and WellSpan cardiac ICU nurse, Christina Hansen.

“Our 20,000 team members are the heart of WellSpan. They are truly our healthcare heroes, and our commitment to them is as strong as their dedication to our patients and communities,” said Roxanna Gapstur, Ph.D., R.N., president and CEO of WellSpan Health. “Throughout this pandemic, our dedicated team members have placed patients first – providing safe, expert and compassionate care to our friends and neighbors. And, as we’ve resumed services at our 200 locations across our six-county region, WellSpan care teams continue to deliver on our promise of providing the safest, highest quality care to our community.”

“Through COVID-19 case investigations, we know much of this is attributed to spread at locations where wearing a mask is difficult and social distancing may not occur – like bars, restaurants and nightclubs,” Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine said. “When conducting case investigations, public health professionals gather that list of close contacts, work to contact trace and inform those individuals of their potential exposure.  As you can see contact tracing has, and always will be, a critical part and key strategy to the governor’s process of reopening Pennsylvania and an important tool to further mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”

“As an evolving epidemic in Pennsylvania, COVID-19 continues to demand ongoing monitoring, assessment and adjustment in our response as a commonwealth,” said Dr. Matthew Howie, medical director of the York City Bureau of Health and WellSpan physician. “While frustrating, refinements of our approach to COVID-19, including masking, limitations in gatherings are critical to our success in limiting the spread of the novel Coronavirus in our community. Similarly, redoubling our public health efforts in case investigation and contact tracing is more important than ever. This virus is not forgiving of missteps and does not allow for time to play catch-up.”

“Many times, the data supports our predictions in how we believe this virus works. Sometimes, though, we get new data that causes us to change our hypothesis and subsequently the advice we offer for how to prevent spread,” Dr. Meda Higa said. “This was the case with asymptomatic spread and mask usage. The scientific process matters, and we shouldn’t be afraid when new data causes us to change course. That is the way science works! Scientists also have the same goal as everyone else: To fight back this virus, so that we have the best chance to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and alive.”

“I’ve been inspired by the amazing success stories I’ve seen in the COVID-19 care of our patients,” explained Christina Hansen, Cardiac ICU nurse at WellSpan York Hospital. “But COVID-19 has also inspired me to spread the word about the dangers of the disease, from what I’ve seen in the ICU and the ways this virus attacks the body. Please, it is critical that you wear your mask.”

The governor’s targeted mitigation order can be found here.

The secretary’s targeted mitigation order can be found here.

The secretary’s order on mask-wearing can be found here.

FAQs on mask-wearing can be found here.

Dept. of Aging Hosts Conversation, Seeks Public Input on its Draft Four-Year State Plan on Aging


Harrisburg, PA – More than 200 people participated in the Pennsylvania Department of Aging’s Virtual Community Conversation to discuss the department’s State Plan on Aging for 2020-2024 and to provide feedback on strengthening aging services throughout the commonwealth.

Those who attended the conversation included stakeholders, elected officials, and representatives from aging services providers. The department began with an overview of the goals, objectives and strategies of the proposed state plan. Participants then heard testimony on the importance of supporting senior community centers, the need to address health disparities of older Pennsylvanians of color and in the LGBTQ community, the work of the Health Equity COVID-19 Response Team 65 and Older Task Force, suggestions on work to support individuals living with Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders, preventive health services for seniors, social isolation among older Pennsylvanians and the importance of having broadband internet access across the entire commonwealth. Attendees also had a chance to submit questions in advance.

“The Virtual Community Conversation allowed us to discuss the development of our draft plan and to receive a variety of insight on how we can steer our State Plan on Aging for the next four years,” said Secretary of Aging Robert Torres. “This opportunity to engage with the public and community stakeholders has helped the Department obtain a greater assessment of the needs for older Pennsylvanians and how we can continue to prioritize them by creating a stronger, solid plan that will guide these efforts.”

A draft of the State Plan on Aging is available on the department’s website here until Aug. 3 for the public to view and provide feedback.

Prior to the conversation, the department sent out a brief survey that asked respondents to prioritize services and quality-of-life issues that are most meaningful to them in ensuring age-friendly communities across the commonwealth. The department received 5,600 responses from all 67 counties, with the biggest turnout from southeastern Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh metro area. Survey responses came in from a wide variety of stakeholder including veterans, people living with a disability, family/unpaid caregivers of older adults, grandparents raising grandchildren and members of the LGBTQ community.

The State Plan on Aging is designed to help Pennsylvania meet the objectives of the Older Americans Act and will be submitted to the Administration for Community Living (ACL) containing a vision and direction for the delivery of Pennsylvania’s aging services over the next four years. The Department of Aging is required to submit a plan every four years, with the next plan commencing on Oct. 1, 2020.

Congressman Fred Keller votes for the National Defense Authorization Act

Legislation includes Keller amendment to prioritize domestic tungsten, support jobs in northeast Pennsylvania

Washington, D.C. — Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) today voted in support of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the annual funding for the U.S. military which included Keller’s amendment to increase the domestic production of tungsten and tungsten powders — critical materials used in defense products.

Currently, China controls more than 80 percent of global tungsten mining. Congressman Keller’s amendment works to turn back China’s growing influence throughout the world by increasing domestic capacity of tungsten in the United States and in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District.

Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District is home to Global Tungsten and Powders, the top employer in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and the leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of refractory metal powders such as tungsten.

Earlier this week, Congressman Keller spoke on the House Floor in support of his amendment, stressing the importance of expanding domestic tungsten production to support jobs in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, reduce American dependence on China for critical resources, and boost national security.

Here are some key excerpts from Keller’s remarks:

For too long, our supply chain, including critical defense materials, has been overly reliant on resources located and produced within the People’s Republic of China.

One area of supply crucial to the United States is tungsten.

These materials are used in critical defense products like penetrators, artillery projectiles, and tank shells.

With China’s growing military influence throughout the world, it is clear that we need to ensure domestic production of this material.

This amendment would prioritize the domestic procurement of tungsten so we can strengthen our vital industrial base and improve national security.

On the passage of the NDAA, Congressman Fred Keller made the following statement:

“I am glad to support the NDAA and put our service members, their families, and our national security first. Every day, our men and women who serve this great nation put their lives on the line to protect our God-given freedoms. Congress has a responsibility to ensure our armed services have the resources they need to complete their mission to protect and defend America. I am proud that our team was able to amend the legislation to support northeast Pennsylvania jobs and reduce our reliance on China for resources critical to our national security.”

The National Defense Authorization Act authorizes $740.5 billion in FY 2021 for critical defense initiatives including:

  • $635.4 billion for the Defense Department
  • $69 billion in Overseas Contingency Operations funding
  • $26.7 billion for Nuclear weapons programs
  • $1 billion for a Pandemic Preparedness and Resilience National Security Fund.

OP-ED: Jennifer Lake Wokebegone – PART IV

The following is an opinion editorial authored by Todd Bartley, Fox Sports Williamsport, todd@foxsportswilliamsport.com.

Given the responsibility as an elected official why do you remain silent, after failing to respond to constituents after calling them all systemically racist?

In front of me at a WASD school board meeting, you, Jennifer Lake turned a blind eye and deaf ear to a motion for a second to investigate what Lycoming County District Attorney Ryan Gardner subsequently characterized as “criminal sexual misconduct”.

The predictable response of elite, woke, white woman Jennifer Lake to this series of opinion editorials mirrors that of the school district she leads as a board member.

Maybe she hates the fact her entire narrative of being an elite, woke, white woman “hear me roar” has been leveled; by her own words.

Instead of defending her allegations, she allowed her social media acolyte trolls to emerge from under the bridge and from their mother’s basements to speak for her as she sits silent, again.

She pivoted to being a victim when she called multiple attorneys in town attempting to pursue a defamation claim against me; including her call to attorney Allen Page III from the firm McNerney, Page, Vanderlin and Hall.

Glad you are paying attention in class Jennifer, that firm is representing former WAHS Baseball Coach Ryan Miller in a defamation claim over the FSW series “A Baseball Story in the birthplace of Little League Baseball” against me and other defendants.

Again, glad your paying attention.

Why are you still silent?

Because you have to stick to your weak woke; like mindlessly voting yes to whatever the WASD administration and employees tell you.


Jennifer Lake and her followers have referred to these stories as “hate”.

Is the woke act a smoke screen to the fact you failed to identify what Lycoming County District Attorney Ryan Gardner characterized as “criminal sexual misconduct?”

You and your fellow Marxists were asked 20 questions in January about your response to the Myrtle Beach incident which took you and your fellow WASD board members 22 months to acknowledge in a statement.

In February of this year, the entire WASD school board and most of the administration was asked to resign by Carlos Saldivia because you and your fellow board members failed to answer any of the 20 questions.

Silence is your operational status quo to divest yourselves from any accountability.


Jennifer Lake is now speaking to constituents because she is offended by symbols supportive of police.

Police, those who protect and serve.

Police, those who when they leave their family to go to work may not come home because they choose to selflessly protect and serve.

Police, those who are there to have bricks, bottles, rocks and any number of projectiles hurled at them and insults just because they wear the uniform to protect you while you protest.

Police, those that protect elected leaders President (Secret Service), Governor (State Police) and so on for any number of elected officials.

Police, who as recently as this past Saturday stood between a group of BLM antagonists looking for a confrontation with the National Socialist Movement (NSM) demonstrators at Brandon Park as they prepared to leave having concluded a peaceful march and protest.

As profane and racially charged as the NSM demonstration was; they were exercising the same First Amendment rights and privileges granted to you and your fellow Marxists BLM and other protest groups.

So when you and your fellow woke, elite take out your BLM card and play it on the wife of a local police officer, it is despicable!

You and the Marxists BLM folks could not allow Amy Bolt to keep a small blue flag representing Blue Lives Matter up and got her to apologize for even daring to fly it in the first place.

Shame on you!

Update: The flag is coming down.

It’s so important that we’re willing to discuss and learn from each other! What that flag means to me communicates something hurtful to others and that, I cannot stand for. DON’T WORRY! I’ve got big ideas for something better to go in it’s place!! Stay tuned!

In the ultimate ironic twist in this story, when Jennifer and her social media acolytes (Victor Lang, Dexter Fowler, Mandy Williams – all fake profiles) saw a political Facebook post, instead of reaching out to the author, they called…wait for it.

The Police!

The very same Police department where Agent Bolt works.

You and your woke, elite army had an officer pay a home visit to Carlos Saldivia who asked for the entire WASD School Board and Administration to resign as previously noted.

Saldivia, was born in Venezuela and is of Latino decent.

Jennifer, so for you – Black Lives Matter, but do Latino lives matter?

Jennifer, so we all understand you clearly, is that the same Williamsport Bureau of Police you and your Marxists Black Lives Matter colleagues want to defund?


Amy Bolt, July 1

💜Show Jennifer Lake some love! She just put in an order for 210 more (Racism Has No Home Here) signs! We’re gonna show everyone who lives in or visits Williamsport that we are united in our hatred of racism! P.S. please don’t ask her for a sign if you haven’t already ordered through her. She deserves a break! Great job, Jenn!💜


Dwell Orphan Care information including the need for the organization to file an IRS form 990 has been obtained by FSW from the Guidestar and Bridge databases publicly available online.

Jennifer as a registered Democrat is quite clever; she uses her registered Republican husband as her shield in the fight against racism.

Remember, by definition Republicans are racists, ask the Democrats they tell them every chance they get.

So Matt Lake interviewed Mayor Derek Slaughter on June 15, 2020 on the topic of racism; neither wore a mask.

For context, Mayor Slaughter refused a debate invitation as candidate Slaughter last October from this author, after giving his word three times he would participate.

Rhetorically speaking, if you are a WASD high school teacher and students in your classes that were in Myrtle Beach on the baseball team trip talk about what happened or discuss a video; do you have an obligation as a mandated reporter?

Another elite woke white woman Beth Fausnaught Sweeting the wife of former WASD school board member Spencer Sweeting has chimed in on social media during this series.

“These are by far the worst articles I have ever read!! The lake family has done nothing but live their lives to better our community – not from behind a desk – but in the community being the hands and feet of Christ.”

This post was screen saved and has been deleted by its author.

Similarly to the post encouraging anyone who read it to boycott these websites and to call any sponsors listed on the page including UPMC.

Spencer Sweeting resigned from the WASD school board in August 2018, right around the time of publication of Millionaire Baseball Mayhem in Myrtle Beach.

From their new church home in Colorado Springs, Colorado the Sweeting family continues to comment on the disaster they left as if they had no knowledge either.

Spencer Sweeting with all of his innate knowledge; before moving to Colorado is the same person who shared with a source in regard to the Myrtle Beach case, “there is no there, there!”

Maybe the fact “there is no there, there” is why the office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is investigating the matter.

Sweeting and his innate knowledge was so immense in depth and breadth, it took an elite woke white woman named Jennifer Lake to identify systemic racism in the WASD, two years after Spencer Sweeting resigned his WASD school board member seat.

Could it be argued, Sweeting so deeply believed in the Black Lives Matter movement while serving as a WASD school board member he was blinded, then failed to codify and recognize what Jennifer Lake memorialized has been going on for years?

Spencer, it might be a good idea to reach out to the office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro to share with his team what you claim you have no knowledge about before they have to take the jet to the Rocky mountains to ask you in person.


The demonstrated and subscribed to mindset in the WASD, is all about enabling those people leadership believe can bring any value to the student experience, no matter the cost.

Jennifer Lake enables just like school board president Lori Bair people like Darrick Dixon to be around students even though he is a convicted felon.

Dixon was convicted and served time for a crime of a sexual nature against a 14-year old female who was a basketball player for him as outlined in PART III of “A Baseball Story in the birthplace of Little League Baseball.”

In the years leading up to the crimes Dixon served time for, he appeared on the Jenny Jones Show as a rapper with his fellow artist Gigi.

The performance was so bad, fellow performers seated on the stage covered their ears and the audience booed both of them off the stage.

If that is what success looks like in the WASD, count me out.

Dixon is the same person who reached out to the FAMILY OF JOHN DOE #1 the same day Millionaire Baseball Mayhem in Myrtle Beach was published in August 2018, offering assistance.

Other facts related to that call are now being investigated by the office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Have you ever asked yourself how Dixon knew who the victim was and how to contact them?


Another Dixon, Bair and Lake defender as well as FSW critic WASD employee Matthew Radspinner had his own recent crisis with a trip cancelled due to the cornavirus pandemic.

From a May 6, 2020 Facebook post on the WAHS Music Department page: “Frozen on Broadway refunds for students and parents to use for the refund process.”

The link sends users to the following page and online form:

WAHS Music Department Broadway Trip Refund Request form

Please complete this form to request a refund for the WAHS Broadway trip that was to occur on April 15.  All refunds will be issued as a check and mailed to the parent/guardian.  

Fundraising money has no cash value and will be returned to the student account for future opportunities.  If you have any questions please contact Mr. Matthew Radspinner at mradspin@wasd.org.  

All refunds will be processed by June 15.

A concerned parent gave Radspinner a 48-hour window to provide the refund or this parent was going to the Magistrate Judge.

There was an e-mail exchange blaming volunteer parents for the mix-up.

The parent received a refund check on July 13, 2020 drawn on the WAHS Orchestra Association account at Woodlands Bank. It was dropped off in the parents home mailbox.

The copy of the check has been obtained by FSW and is being withheld from this story.

Matthew Radspinner and his wife also signed Jennifer Lake petitions during the last election cycle.

Last Tuesday, on the News Talk WMPT Facebook page Radspinner responded:

Matthew A. Radspinner

Hello Todd,

It was not a personal check, it was issued from an Orchestra account.

Thanks for your concern.

Matthew Radspinner

WAHS Orchestra Director”

Is a list of students going on the trip too tough of a concept for the WASD?

Is there “a there, there” with this trip too?

Or is the lack of a list standard practice in the WASD when taking students out of state on trips?

Still waiting on former WAHS baseball coach Ryan Miller to provide a hotel room assignment list from the 2018 Myrtle Beach trip.


The family of George Floyd filed a civil action in Minnesota last week seeking damages.

So if the family of George Floyd can file a case against the Minneapolis Police Department which Black Lives Matter and the Minneapolis City Council have been called upon to be defunded; does this mean the FAMILY OF JOHN DOE #1 can pursue civil litigation against the WASD?

Just like in the George Floyd case, the “criminal sexual misconduct” against JOHN DOE #1 was captured on video.

Jennifer, what it must be like for you on a daily basis having to live with the reality that you now have the knee not only in the neck of local law enforcement with your support of the Black Lives Matter movement; but still on the neck of JOHN DOE #1 nearly two years later with your inaction on his behalf.

The real problem is the mindset of people on the WASD school board and people like Jennifer Lake.

The byproduct of that mindset is the Myrtle Beach incidents, accusations of systemic racism and poisonous injustices of people in their charge.

Jennifer Lake and the WASD school board are the personification of the mindset of corrupt bureaucratic atmosphere of silence, intimidation and coercion.


The next virtual meeting of the Williamsport Area School Board is slated for tomorrow, Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 6 p.m. preceded by an executive session at 5 p.m. to discuss legal matters.


Previous installments of this series:


OP-ED: Jennifer Lake Wokebegone – PART III

OP-ED: Jennifer Lake Wokebegone – PART II

OP-ED: Jennifer Lake Wokebegone


The Lycoming County Commissioners announced that they will be accepting applications from interested individuals for vacancies on the Lycoming County Recreation Authority.
The Commissioners’ are seeking applicants to assist in upcoming endeavors.
The application can be found on the Commissioners’ page of the County website under Appointment Application.
Applications may also be dropped off at the Commissioners’ office on the 2nd floor of Lycoming County Executive Plaza at 330 Pine Street in Williamsport.Please note that these applications, along with a current resume, must be submitted to the Commissioner’s Office before July 31, 2020, in order to be considered for current vacancies. Applications will be kept on file for future needs.

Laura Harper Selected as Coppin State Women’s Basketball Head Coach

BALTIMORE – Former WNBA player, Laura Harper, has been named as the new Coppin State University women’s basketball head coach, it was announced by Director of Athletics Derek Carter on Monday morning.

“It is a dream come true to be named the new head women’s basketball coach at Coppin State University,” said Harper. “I am very thankful for the special opportunity that President Jenkins, Mr. Carter, Mrs. Person and Mrs. Carrington-Johnson have granted me. Having a platform as a woman of color, while coaching at an HBCU during this racially sensitive time in our country, inspires me, and I am beyond ready to help lead this group of committed, young women into a new era of Eagles basketball.”

Since the conclusion of her playing career, Harper worked as an assistant coach at four NCAA Division I institutions as well as a season as head coach at a top collegiate preparatory school.

“We are excited for Laura Harper to be joining the Coppin State family and look forward to her leadership during the next exciting phase of Eagles women’s basketball,” said Carter.  “Laura will bring incredible passion, energy, and a championship mentality to our team.  Throughout her career, she has worked hard to establish herself as a winner in all phases of basketball. I feel that she will provide a valuable influence in the lives of the young women in our program.”

Harper most recently served as the head coach at Montverde Academy, one of the premier high school programs in the State of Florida.  Harper guided the Eagles to an 18-6 mark this past season and helped all five of her seniors earn NCAA Division I scholarships.

Prior to her time at Montverde, Harper assisted the women’s basketball team at the University of Florida for two seasons.  Under Harpers’ tutelage, Paulina Hersler, who is now playing professionally in Sweden, and 1,200-point scorer Haley Lorenzen, had career years as seniors.

Before moving to the Sunshine State, Harper spent the 2016-17 season at George Washington University under Women’s Basketball Hall of Famer Jennifer Rizzotti. That season, the Colonials won an Atlantic 10 Regular Season Championship and advanced to the WNIT, while Harper helped post players Lexi Martins and Caira Washington receive All-Conference honors.

For two years, Harper also worked as an assistant coach at High Point University. In her first season, senior Stacia Robertson was named the Big South Player of the Year and an Associated Press Honorable Mention All-American before going on to play overseas.  The Panthers won 20 games during the 2014-15 season and advanced to the Conference Championship Game.

Harper got her start in coaching as an assistant at Loyola University Maryland during the 2013-14 campaign where she was responsible for post player development, scouting, and served as an academic liaison for the Greyhounds.

A four-year standout at the University of Maryland, Harper was named the 2006 NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player after leading the Terrapins to a National Championship.  Harper was also part of two Maryland teams that advanced to the Elite Eight, a 2007 Naismith Award Finalist and a two-time Naismith Award Preseason Candidate.  As a senior, Harper was a Third Team All-ACC honoree and Associated Press Honorable Mention All-American. Harper still owns the Maryland record with 198 blocked shots while scoring 1,407 points and ranked seventh in rebounds upon graduation before being named to the 2014 ACC Legends Class.

On February 5, 2009, Harper’s No. 15 jersey was raised to the rafters at the Xfinity Center following a game against North Carolina State.

Also, a presence on the international scene, Harper was a starter for the 2004 USA Women’s U18 team which won the gold medal at the FIBA Americas Championship.  Harper also played for the 2007 FIBA U21 World Championship Team and was a teammate of Lisa Leslie, Diana Taurasi and other Olympians at the 2008 Good Luck Beijing Tournament.

Following her collegiate career, Harper was the 10th overall selection of the Sacramento Monarchs in the 2008 WNBA Draft.  As a rookie, Harper played in 34 games while making one start and put up 5.5 points and 4.0 rebounds before starting in 11 games the following season.  Harper also played professionally overseas in Turkey, Italy and Russia.

What They Are Saying About Laura Harper


Cam Newbauer – University of Florida Women’s Basketball Head Coach

“We are so proud and excited for Laura as she is a rising star in women’s college basketball. Her energy and passion for teaching young women the game of basketball is infectious. After such an accomplished career as a player, she has really demonstrated a great ability to connect and relate with young ladies. We are looking forward to watching Coach Harper lead a successful program in Baltimore.”


Jennifer Rizzotti – George Washington University Women’s Basketball Head Coach

“I’m happy for Laura and her opportunity to lead the women’s basketball team at Coppin State. She has been part of successful programs in her career and has played at the highest level. Her players will benefit from having a role model that is hardworking and driven. We wish her the very best as her neighbor in the DMV.”  


Brenda Frese – University of Maryland Women’s Basketball Head Coach

“Coppin State is getting one of the most passionate people we’ve ever had in our program. I am thrilled for her and for our local community. She will be great for the players at Coppin, because she fully understands what it takes to be successful. Laura is a fun person who makes friends easily. We had a great player-coach relationship at Maryland and I think she will model that. She’s also well connected in both our area and Philadelphia, which should serve her well in building the program. A lot of people will want to help her be successful. I’m excited to see them play and see her take this next step.”

Congressman Keller announces HHS Head Start and Early Head Start grant

$5,551,562 awarded to Lycoming-Clinton Counties Commission for Community Action

Washington, D.C. — Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) announced today that the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has awarded Lycoming-Clinton Counties Commission for Community Action, otherwise known as Success Through Engagement and Partnership (STEP), a grant that will fund social service initiatives.

A grant in the amount of $5,551,562 to STEP will go toward comprehensive child development and family support services.

On the awarding of the grant, Congressman Fred Keller made the following statement:

“I am thrilled to hear that STEP received this grant from HHS. STEP is an outstanding partner to our communities in Lycoming and Clinton counties and operates more than 30 programs to serve our families and their kids. STEP is one of many local organizations that has played a major role in helping our community recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. This grant will ensure they have the resources necessary to continue its outstanding service.”