BREAKING NEWS: Judge Linhardt sides with Little League denying Needville and Tulsa World Series relief

Todd Bartley,

On Tuesday afternoon Lycoming County Common Pleas Couty Judge Eric Linhardt issued his Order and Opinion in the Needville Little League, Inc and Tulsa National LL, Inc. vs Little League Baseball, Inc. case.

Needville and Tulsa were seeking immediate injunctive relief to return to the Little League baseball tournament which has now reached the World Series rounds; after being disqualified for having Covid-19 positive test results; then had subsequent negative test results.

The Order and Opinion reads in part:

“While this court is not unsympathetic to the manner in which they were disqualified, neither Tulsa nor Needville have earned their place in Williamsport.”

“Additionally, the Court credits the representations of Defendant’s witnesses that adding two new teams at this late date would be unduly burdensome.”

“The Court also considers the high probability that

preliminary injunction awarded in favor of Plaintiffs

would invite the other five teams that were disqualified on similar grounds

to seek through preliminary injunction

their place at the Little League World Series.”

The complete Order and Opinion is available here:

Needville Little League, Inc and Tulsa National LL, Inc v Little League Baseball, Inc

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