PIAA notifies membership of orders, 25 indoor and 250 outdoor capacity limits

According to Sports Radio 96.7 in Sharon, PA this e-mail was sent to District Leadership and other school leaders today from the PIAA:
Dear All:
Thank you for all of your efforts in dealing with the re-opening of schools and the initiation of starting a new school year academically and athletically. There’s enough challenges to go around for everyone. Just following up on yesterday’s action by the Senate in passing HB 2787 that has been criticized by the Governor’s spokesperson and she indicated that he will veto it.
If that happens, the general assembly will have to pass this bill on a 2/3 majority to override the veto and it would become law.
That leaves us in this unpopular position for this weekend and next week. The indoor limits of 25 people and outdoor limits for 250 are in effect (listed below and in the order). They have been issued as an order of the Governor.
We cannot have schools violate this order.
If schools violate this, it will cause, us as an organization, a huge problem to keep our support in the General Assembly who expect us to play by the rules and work through the process for change. We live by the same type of standard, so please share with your schools and constituents, we will follow the order and work through the process for change.
Failing to do that may place all of us in a precarious position and give the administration fuel to change their mind and mandate actions that may be more restrictive to our schools.
As stated by Senator Corman, yesterday, “ ……what the Governor giveth, the Governor can taketh away”.
Thank you for all of your efforts. They are appreciated.
Dr. Robert A. Lombardi
PIAA Executive Director